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4 Tips for Test Driving a Car at a Dealership

4 Tips for Test Driving a Car at a Dealership

One of the most important, and fun, parts of a car buying experience is the test drive at the dealership. While behind the wheel of your potential new vehicle for the first time, you should be paying attention to aspects of the car that will affect your decision to either buy or keeping shopping. The following tips will walk you through how to make the most of a car dealership test drive. 

Drive Clean with the AirCheck Texas Program


AirCheck Texas has initiated the Drive a Clean Machine Program which provides financial assistance to Texas drivers who want to trade their old, environmentally harmful, cars in for newer energy efficient models. The program strives to remove as many high-emission and fuel inefficient vehicles from the road by making greener options affordable.

How it Works

Every approved Drive a Clean Machine applicant receives a voucher from AirCheck worth up to $3,500 toward the purchase of an energy efficient vehicle, until the program’s available funds are depleted. Some applications that do not qualify for the car replacement program may receive an exhaust repair voucher worth up to $600. Vouchers can be used at AirCheck Texas authorized dealerships. 

Program Requirements

You and your car must meet the Drive a Clean Machine Program requirements in order to receive a replacement voucher. The program applies to passenger cars and trucks that are gasoline powered, and are either at least ten years old or have failed an emissions test in the month proceeding the application. Your vehicle has to be registered in the counties of Bend, Brazoria, Fort, Galveston, Harris, or Montgomery. Lastly, you have to meet AirCheck’s income restrictions and guidelines in order to qualify for the program. Submit applications with a registration form, a copy of your car’s most recent vehicle inspection report, and proof of income for you and every other working adult in your household.

The Texas AirCheck Drive a Clean Machine Program wants to help Texans drive greener and more energy efficient vehicles. Bring your voucher to an authorized dealer to get behind the wheel of a new environmentally friendly car.


Repair or Replace? Pros and Cons

Repair or Replace Pros and Cons

No car can last forever, and at some point, every car owner will need to decide whether to make a necessary repair or replace the car once and for all. A number of factors contribute to that decision, the most important of which being the overall cost of maintaining your current vehicle. Consider the pros and cons of either repairing or replacing your car carefully before making the decision. 

How Do Auto Loan Calculators Work?

How Do Auto Loan Calculators Work

A realistic monthly budget is an important part of financing the purchase of a car. Auto loan calculators are online tools used by consumers as they attempt to determine budgetary comfort zones. The overall effectiveness of auto loan calculators varies somewhat from one version to another, but the general rules of thumb for making these free financing research tools work for you remain consistent. 


Celebrity Rides: Ice-T Loves Coco and His Sweet Rides

Ice T

Ice-T and Coco are well known for their flashy and enjoyment of their luxurious lifestyle. A big part of that lifestyle is Ice-T’s love of high-end cars. The legendary rapper’s social networking activity includes a flood of images showing off his extensive collection of uniquely extravagant rides. 

First Time Car Buyers: Important Tips to Secure Your Loan

First Time Car Buyers Important Tips to Secure Your Loan

The average person, when buying a car for the first time, will find the financing process the most stressful aspect of the vehicle shopping experience. Many first time car buyers have a limited or troubled credit history and a lack of experience applying for loans that contribute to the sometimes complex auto financing procedures. You should know the important questions to ask, what to look for, and how to prepare yourself before you apply for your first car loan. 


Repossessed Celebrity Cars: The Good Life Ain't That Great

Celebrity Car Repossessions

Celebrities can have the same financial issues as everyday people, just on a grander scale and in a more visible way. Fame does not always mean lifelong financial security. Irresponsible money management has resulted in many celebrities being unable to stop car repossessions on the public stage. 

Cool Movie Cars: 1.21 Gigawatts! Great Scott!

Cool Movie Cars

Some of the most popular action movies in film history prominently feature unforgettable cars. The best of these car movies excite car enthusiasts and thrill seekers by offering a glimpse at fast, exotic, and one of a kind dream cars. 


4 Ways to Get Your Car to 100,000 Miles

Car Running 100,000 Miles

Most drivers want their car to run as long as possible, which means reaching and exceeding 100,000 miles without needing to replace the engine or the entire vehicle. There are a few ways car owners can make sure their car hits the 100,000 mile landmark before they buy their next vehicle

5 Best Cars for Single Parents

Single Parent Cars

Single parents have specific and important criteria for the car they drive. Safety, reliability, and convenience all come in to play while busy single parents are shopping for their next car. The best cars for single parents address all of those concerns, are affordable and have flexible car financing options

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