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5 Things to Consider before Cosigning a Loan

5 Things to Consider before Cosigning a Loan

The decision to cosign a car loan for someone should be taken seriously. There are five things to consider prior to signing onto any loan as a cosigner.


Car Dealership Shopping: Bring the Right Documentation

Car Dealership Shopping Bring the Right Documentation

The best way to improve your car buying experience is to make it as hassle-free as possible, and that means doing your homework and showing up to the dealership prepared. Have everything you need with you when you arrive at the dealership ready to buy, and the entire process will move more smoothly.

How Important Is Your Credit Score?

How Important Is Your Credit Score

We all know our credit score is important, but few actually understand why it is such a big deal. Nearly every adult’s financial life is heavily reliant on credit, making the health of your credit report extremely important. An understanding of how and why your credit score affects your financial life in noteworthy ways will give you increased motivation to improve and maintain your credit rating.


Voluntary Car Repossession: What You Need to Know before Surrendering Your Car

Voluntary Car Repossession What You Need to Know before Surrendering Your Car (2)

A voluntary repossession involves turning your car over to your lenders or creditors instead of waiting for the car to be forcibly repossessed. Consumers who voluntarily turn over the keys to their vehicle have either already fallen behind on car payments, or are aware of financial trouble that will likely force them to default on the car loan.


Finance Your First Car and Get Behind the Wheel

Finance Your First Car and Get Behind the Wheel

Your first car purchase is, in all likelihood, the first long term financial commitment you will make. Even those with experience making such important decisions can hit a snag when it comes to the financing process. As you prepare to finance your first car purchase, learn how to handle the financing and loan steps in the best way for your specific situation.


Ridin' Dirty in the South: A Guide to (Hip Hop) Car Culture in Houston

Riding Dirty in the South   Infographic   Final

Houston's car culture and the Southern hip hop sounds of chopped and screwed music go hand-in-hand. In fact, few experiences here can compare to the sound of DJ Screw blaring out of a SLAB. SLABs have definitely carved their place in Houston's hip hop culture. If you have ever wondered about the meeting of SLAB cars and chopped and screwed music, you can find out with this infographic presented by Shabana Motors.

Celebrity Rides: Gucci Mane

Red Bones

Rapper Gucci Man
has owned an impressive array of expensive and eye-catching vehicles that inspire envy among car lovers both in and out of the hip hop community. The fleet has changed and rotated somewhat over the past several years, but there has been a common thread of luxury and flare with each of the newly acquired rides.

The Red Bones

Car Dealer Terminology 101: 5 Essential Terms to Help You Get a Good Deal

Car Dealer Terminology 101 5 Essential Terms to Help You Get a Good Deal

Car dealers speak a language all their own, with jargon and shorthand slang that may sound confusing or nonsensical. As a consumer, an understanding of what car dealers are saying to you and among themselves can go a long way toward simplifying and reducing the stress of shopping for your next car.

Researching Cars Online: What to Look For

Researching Cars Online What to Look For

The internet is an extremely helpful resource for anyone thinking of buying a new car. Even though most actual car purchases take place in person, the first several car shopping steps can be easily completed online from the comfort of your home. The key to effective online car shopping is knowing what to look for before you star browsing.


Beat the Heat: 3 Tips for Car Care in Extreme Heat

Beat the Heat: Tips to Fix up Your Car

High temperatures, humidity and extended sunlight are all tough on your car throughout the summer. Aside from not being the most comfortable months for driving, the summer season can take a toll on your car’s tires, engine, and more. Beat the heat this summer by taking steps to prepare your car for the sweltering weather conditions.

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