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Car Dealer Terminology 101: 5 Essential Terms to Help You Get a Good Deal

Car Dealer Terminology 101 5 Essential Terms to Help You Get a Good Deal

Car dealers speak a language all their own, with jargon and shorthand slang that may sound confusing or nonsensical. As a consumer, an understanding of what car dealers are saying to you and among themselves can go a long way toward simplifying and reducing the stress of shopping for your next car.

Researching Cars Online: What to Look For

Researching Cars Online What to Look For

The internet is an extremely helpful resource for anyone thinking of buying a new car. Even though most actual car purchases take place in person, the first several car shopping steps can be easily completed online from the comfort of your home. The key to effective online car shopping is knowing what to look for before you star browsing.


Beat the Heat: 3 Tips for Car Care in Extreme Heat

Beat the Heat: Tips to Fix up Your Car

High temperatures, humidity and extended sunlight are all tough on your car throughout the summer. Aside from not being the most comfortable months for driving, the summer season can take a toll on your car’s tires, engine, and more. Beat the heat this summer by taking steps to prepare your car for the sweltering weather conditions.

4 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

4 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Anyone who has ever gotten into a car on a hot summer day knows how important it is to get the car cooled down quickly, as well as the benefits of keeping the car as cool as possible while it’s parked. The following tips will help you stay cool while using your car in sweltering summer temperatures.


Cash Vs. Credit: What Should You Choose When Buying a Used Car?

Cash Vs. Credit When Buying a Used Car

The decision to use either cash or credit to purchase a car should be settled before you are sitting in a dealership preparing to finalize the deal. Dealerships, especially those who specialize in working with credit-troubled buyers, are equipped to work with nearly every financial situation. To know which choice is appropriate for you, look to the benefits and drawbacks of each.


The History of the Cadillac

The History of the Cadillac

Since its inception in 1902, Cadillac has become as synonymous with American cars as its competitive colleagues at Ford. Throughout its history, Cadillac broke new ground, set design and manufacturing trends and continues to impact the entire motor industry both domestically and abroad.


Driving without Insurance: What Are the Consequences?

Driving without Insurance

Every state requires drivers to have a minimum level of insurance coverage or proof of financial responsibility being met. While skipping a routine oil change or other small maintenance task can be an acceptable risk, driving your car without proof of legally required insurance is usually not. Know the consequences of driving without insurance before getting behind the wheel of an uninsured vehicle.


Can't Make Your Car Payment? Here Are 3 Options to Consider

Can't Make Your Car Payment Here Are 3 Options to Consider

Even someone relatively responsible with finances can be subject to unforeseen issues that mean a monthly car payment is no longer in the budget. No matter the reason, such as a lost job or unexpected extra expense, there are steps you need to take as soon as you realize you cannot make a car loan option. Consider the following options carefully and move forward with proactive urgency in order to handle the situation without seriously damaging your credit.


Celebrity Rides: Wiz Khalifa

Celebrity Rides Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa proliferates across the entire entertainment community, well known as a rapper, actor, singer and songwriter. The hip hop star is also known for the enviable cars featured in his videos and owned by him personally. Even if Khalifa’s infamous jailhouse selfie gets more attention for a while, it’ll be the rides he’s seen in that car-loving fans will remember.

Top 3 Houston Rappers and Their Slabs

Top 3 Houston Rappers and Their Slabs

Houston is home to the Slab car customization trend, which involves adding unique and flamboyant style to older model cars. Exotic, one of a kind, and luxurious vehicles have long been one of the most popular symbols of wealth and success in the hip hop community, and celebrity culture in general. The top rappers in Houston, Texas are as well known for their rides as they are for their rhymes.

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