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Where to Take Your Ride This July 4th in Houston!

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Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to cruise around and head to the best events in Houston. The 4th of July has long been a favorite national holiday. It means freedom, friends, family, food and fun. In fact, if you’re looking for the best places to take your ride, here are some Independence Day events you won’t want to miss. Each brings a different flavor, so read carefully before you choose the one (or two) for you.


My Car Air Conditioning Broke! Now What?!

summer heat car

Having a car is beneficial for many reasons, but it’s easy to forget that there are some costs that come with it. If you don’t have the luxury of owning a brand spanking new vehicle, you will probably run into some maintenance issues from time-to-time. The universe tends to like irony, and one of the worst things that happens is your air conditioning breaks during a Houston summer. What then? You have a couple options, but it really depends on how much cash you have on hand.

4 Places to Road Trip to in Houston (Under an Hour!)

road trip

Do you ever just feel the need for a mini-adventure? The kind where you get in your car and take a little road trip? It doesn’t have to be far—or anywhere fancy—something different will do. Houston residents are in luck. You have things to do all over the city (and just beyond) that are within an hour’s drive. Gas up your ride—it’s time to explore the open road.


3 Places to Celebrate Juneteenth in Houston


In some places, the day known as Juneteenth slips by unnoticed. That’s not the case in Houston, Texas. On June 19th, 1865, slavery was officially ended in the United States. Although Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation took place two and a half years before, and much of the country had already ended slavery, Texas was a little late getting the message. However, when Major Gordon General Granger landed in Galveston that particular day in June, he flexed his muscle to overcome any lingering resistance to the order to abolish slavery. And that’s how this day of celebration came to be, and it’s one that Texas takes seriously.


Celebrity Rides; The Kardashian Clan

kim kardashian west bentley

It’s a notable day if the internet doesn’t come up with some sort of Kardashian headline. The notorious family has made quite the name for themselves since Kim’s infamous tape release in 2007. Since then, each member of the clan has had their day in the spotlight. However, no one earns more press than Kim—although it’s not from lack of trying. One thing you have to hand the family is their entrepreneurial spirit. They’ve clambered their way to the top of who’s who, either thrilling fans or annoying all the people who wonder why the heck they’re famous. The Kardashians earn plenty of their own money, and a couple of them have also married well. The result: A fleet of drool-worthy automobiles. It’s hard to take stock of the constantly rotating vehicles, but here are some of the most memorable rides the family owns, or has owned.

Enter the 5 for 10K Giveaway at Shabana Motors!

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Are you ready to win $10,000 courtesy of Shabana Motors and 97.9 THE BOX? Then you're in luck, because it's time to enter our 5 for $10,000 contest. Entering is simple. Contestants should stop by Shabana Motors at 9811 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074 to fill out an official registration form before Friday July 10th at 8:00 PM.


Do I Need a Big Down Payment to Get a Car?

low down payment

A car can make a big difference in your life. It may be the thing you need to get to a better job, go to school and work at the same time or get your kids from point A or point B. There are a couple things that have people worry about when it comes to their ability to purchase a vehicle—a down payment and credit.


Can You Trust In-House Financing for Your Next Car?

in-house financing

Buying a car is a big process. There are a lot of things that are helpful to know before you jump in. One aspect that can be confusing for many is auto loans. With so many options out there, what do you choose? More importantly, if you have no credit or bad credit, is there even anything available to you?


5 Elements of a Basic Car Tune-Up

car tune-up

Giving your car basic care tune-ups can give it a much longer life. Of course, if you don't know what a basic car care tune-up is, then the first thing you need to do is learn more about it and how often it needs to be done. Putting in an affordable amount of maintenance on a regular basis can save you hefty amounts of pricey repairs in the future.

4 Places to Get Expert Car Repair in Houston

auto mechanic

It's important to remember that your vehicle is a bit like yourself. Without proper care, you can run into some issues. We also have accidents or unexpected breakdowns every once in a while—so do our cars. When that happens, what do you do?

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