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Chevy: The Ultimate Movie Car

cheech and chong chevrolet

Chevorlet has been a major name in American car companies for over a hundred years. A history that long, and having so many immediately recognizable classic vehicle models under its belt, has contributed to a number of Chevys making it big on the silver screen. A number of hugely popular movies have featured a Chevy, sometimes in a ball of fire and sometimes in dinged up primer. These three examples of a Chevrolet stealing the spotlight in a film are some of the most popular instances of this beloved name in classic and modern cars becoming larger than life.


Shabana Motors: Now Serving Spring, Texas

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Shabana Motors has become a leading name in buy-here-pay-here auto sales in its home base city of Houston, Texas. However, you don’t need to live in Houston to benefit from all that Shabana Motors has to offer. Residents of Houston-adjacent Spring, Texas can also venture to Shabana Motors to work with expert sales and financing staff on obtaining the car they need without worrying about a lacking credit history getting in the way of their transportation.


Meet 8 Generations of the Chevy Malibu

chevy malibu

After being off of the market for over a decade, the Chevrolet Malibu reemerged in 1997 as a front wheel drive sedan. The Chevrolet Malibu has changed a lot across its eight generations of models, slowly transitioning from a high-end off shoot of the Chevelle in 1964 to one of the highest ranking midsized sedans among American consumers today.


5 Places to Pimp Your Rims in H-Town

pimp your rims houston

The final touch to any stylishly customized ride is a set of pimped out eye catching rims. Like the perfect jewelry that ties together a killer outfit, rims add the perfect bit of accenting detail to the look and feel of a car. Around the car loving city of Houston, Texas you can find a number of places to pimp your ride’s rims, and the best 5 spots are a great place to start your search for the perfect wheel accessories.


Grand Theft Auto: 4 Tips to Keeping Possession of Your Ride

preventing auto theft

Every driver dreads the possibility of walking to where they parked their car to discover it has been stolen. For a moment, most auto theft victims will try to convince themselves that they were mistake about the where the car was parked, or that it had been towed and will be safely behind the gates of impound lot instead of in the possession of a car thief. There are steps you can take to protect your car from auto theft, by making your car more difficult to steal and seem less alluring to potential thieves.


Can I Get a Car for $500 Down?


A number of people who qualify for reasonable car loan options, even those with credit issues, can’t afford the large down payments often recommended when purchasing a financed new or late model used car from a dealership. While it may seem hard to believe, there are actually a number of situations in which you can purchase the car you need from a dealership for only $500 down.


3 Tips for Purchasing a Car with Cash


Buying a car with cash means you don’t need to commit to financing your car, won’t risk defaulting on a loan unexpectedly, and can be the best way for someone with credit issues to purchase an affordable used vehicle. The process of shopping around and negotiating for a car you’re going to pay cash for is somewhat different than walking onto a new car lot with an eye toward financing. The following tips will help make sure you get the best deal possible when paying cash for your next car.


Celebrity Rides: The Game

The Game 1

Hip-hop superstar The Game has more than a handful of enviable attributes, and his collection of unique and eye-catching rides is far from the least of those noteworthy lifestyle and career notables. The rapper, actor and producer has climbed the ladder from humble beginnings to the kind of wealth that allows for extravagant purchases like rare sports cars.

4 Tips to Stress Free Student Car Loans

4 Tips to Stress Free Student Car Loans

Students, more often than not, are on extremely limited incomes and have limited credit histories. These factors can make securing a car loan difficult for the average student. There are ways to make car loans easier to get and keep up with if you are a student, and these tips should help you achieve the appropriate financing.

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