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So You're in Sugar Land and Need a Ride? Shabana Has You Covered

used cars sugar land texas

Car shoppers from Sugar Land, Texas should expand their search for their next ride to Shabana Motors located in Houston. Dedicated to providing clients with a wealth of vehicle options to meet their budget and driving needs, even in situations of credit rating issues, Shabana Motors is prepared to help you get behind the wheel of the car for which you’ve been searching. An expansive and easily searched inventory of cars and in-house financing options make shopping for your next car with Shabana Motors incredibly easy, even if you live outside of its home-city of Houston in surrounding areas like Sugar Land.


No Credit? No Worries. Get into a Ride with These 3 Key Steps

bad credit auto dealership

Navigating the world of credit and loans can be a challenging task, especially when you’re just starting out. Most young people haven’t quite figured out what it all means, or how to make it work for you. After all, they don’t tend to offer high school classes that talk about how you can get your first auto loan. If you’re ready to purchase some wheels, there are steps you can take that will help you secure an auto loan. If you approach it right, you may qualify for a loan. Work to fill that slate with excellent loans that will pay off in good credit down the road.


3 Myths about Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

buy here pay here myths

Whether you were:


Celebrity Rides: TI

t.i. cars

Cars have long been a way to show status. There are certain names associated with luxury—like Bentley, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi and Range Rover. There are also brands that portray speed and power. It’s not all about status either. These cars are the epitome of comfort, convenience, technology and drive experience. Why drive a Fit when you can drive a Ferrari instead?

Making Sure Your Fours Stay Yours

metal rims

Rims can be the most expensive single part of a customized car and can be sold quickly with little questions asked of the seller, making them a particularly attractive target for thieves. Additionally, it is often easier to remove rims from tires than it is to steal an entire car without being noticed. You can help ensure your fours stay yours by taking steps to protect your wheel rims from being stolen and making it possible to find your rims if they are stolen.


Merry Christmas from Shabana Motors!

merry christmas houston

Shabana Motors Is Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

* Image courtesy of and jannoon028


Custom Paint Jobs: Where to Go in Houston

Sublime customs

A well done custom paint job makes your ride uniquely yours, a way to express your own personal style while getting where you need to go. While looking for the right shop to makeover your car, you should consider the level of skill and reputation for quality service. The best places for a custom paint job in Houston, Texas can help you amp up the personalized touch to your car.


The 4 Coolest Cadillacs of All Time

Cadillac 1

Cadillac is among America’s oldest car companies, and arguably the most luxurious and popular. Since its founding by Henry Leland in 1902, from what remained of the defunct Henry Ford Company, Cadillac has made a reputation for being the height of opulent vehicle design. The four coolest Cadillac cars of all time are a lineup of lush and groundbreaking designs.


Rosenberg, Texas: Buy a Used Car Today

rosenberg texas cars

Drivers in Rosenberg, Texas can find their next car at Shabana Motors in Houston, even if local dealerships and lenders were unable to work with their credit. Shabana Motors prides itself on getting credit-troubled clients the right deal on an affordable car that meets budgetary and driving needs. An inclusive and continually changing inventory, all of which is able to be browsed online, means you are more likely to find the exact car you want within your budget instead of settling for a relatively good alternative. As a leading buy-here-pay-here car dealership, Shabana Motors not only specializes in selling cars but also in helping buyers with in-house dealership financing packages.

Celebrity Rides: Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Mariah Carry

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are one of the hottest and richest celebrity couples, and they have an incredible assortment of extravagant marital property including a collection of luxurious cars. Whether purchased for themselves, received as gifts from one another, or given to their young children, the cars owned by the celebrity-power couple are all luxurious symbols of their combined astronomical wealth.

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