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Pasadena Residents: Have You Considered Shabana Motors?

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Car buyers from Pasadena, Texas can now find the perfect used car for them, at a competitive buy-here-pay-here financing prices, at Shabana Motors located in Houston. Anyone who has had their credit get in their way of getting into a car they need at home in Pasadena would benefit from working with the highly trained financing and sales staff at Shabana Motors, who specialize in working with credit-concerned clients. An expansive selection of late model pre-owned vehicles and ability to provide the kind of in-house financing that works with credit rating issues make Shabana Motors in Houston, Texas an excellent resource for drivers not finding what they need, and what they can afford, at home in Pasadena.

The Best #ThrowbackThursday Celebrity Rides


Extravagant, unique and attention grabbing vehicles have been a staple of celebrity culture since long before social media made it instantly easy to show off a killer ride. A look back, in honor of #ThrowBackThursday, at the best celebrity rides you may remember illustrates that fact and in some cases shows that what may have been extravagant a decade or two ago seems downright practical compared to the superstar whips of today.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Chrysler 300

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Since its initial unveiling in the 2005 model year, the modern Chrysler 300 series has risen through the ranks of American cars to become one of the most popular full size luxury sedans on the market. The 300 has been a part of Chrysler for much longer than that, however, and the first Chrysler 300 was released in 1955 as the 300, and the 1956 300B model was the first of the Letter Series 300’s from Chrysler. With a history that spans more than half a century, it should go without saying that there is a lot about the Chrysler 300 most people don’t know, including the following five facts.


Be Careful: You May be Driving the Most Stolen Car in Houston

most stolen cars houston

Car thieves, in Houston and everywhere else, have a tendency to target certain makes and models of vehicles, with variations of their preferences shifting somewhat dependent on the city in which they commit the crime. Generally speaking, car thieves are mostly concerned with speed; both the speed of the theft itself and that of making a profit on the stolen vehicle. One of the best ways to avoid having your car stolen as a driver in Houston is to not buy a car thieves are likely to want. If you already do own one of the most stolen cars in Houston, knowing that statistic can help you stay vigilant and deter thieves with smart driving and parking habits.


Conroe Car Shoppers: Buying a Car in Houston

conroe texas cars

Shabana Motors is now helping residents of Conroe, Texas get behind the wheel of the right pre-owned car for their lives and budgets. Located in Houston, Shabana Motors specializes in providing great deals and in-house pricing on a huge selection of late model used vehicles. The buy-here-pay-here offers at Shabana can help those in Houston, and nearby cities like Conroe, finance the car that they need despite credit score concerns. An expert staff of sales and financing professionals, combined with plenty of vehicle options and competitive pricing, have made Shabana Motors a leading reputable dealership in Houston, which is now attracting car buyers from Conroe, Texas.


Celebrity Rides: Floyd Mayweather

floyd mayweather cars

Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete on the planet, which is made abundantly clear by the boxer’s absurdly extravagant spending habits. Needless to say about a man who travels with a brief case full of hundred dollar bills in plastic bags, Floyd Mayweather has not one, but three, collections of luxurious color coordinated rides. Mayweather moves his collections between his properties in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A look at the highlights present in each of these collections paints a picture of an athlete in his prime spending the millions of dollars he is paid to fight and win.

Happy Halloween

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Shabana Motors Is Wishing You a Wonderful Halloween!

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Chevy: The Ultimate Movie Car

cheech and chong chevrolet

Chevorlet has been a major name in American car companies for over a hundred years. A history that long, and having so many immediately recognizable classic vehicle models under its belt, has contributed to a number of Chevys making it big on the silver screen. A number of hugely popular movies have featured a Chevy, sometimes in a ball of fire and sometimes in dinged up primer. These three examples of a Chevrolet stealing the spotlight in a film are some of the most popular instances of this beloved name in classic and modern cars becoming larger than life.


Shabana Motors: Now Serving Spring, Texas

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Shabana Motors has become a leading name in buy-here-pay-here auto sales in its home base city of Houston, Texas. However, you don’t need to live in Houston to benefit from all that Shabana Motors has to offer. Residents of Houston-adjacent Spring, Texas can also venture to Shabana Motors to work with expert sales and financing staff on obtaining the car they need without worrying about a lacking credit history getting in the way of their transportation.


Meet 8 Generations of the Chevy Malibu

chevy malibu

After being off of the market for over a decade, the Chevrolet Malibu reemerged in 1997 as a front wheel drive sedan. The Chevrolet Malibu has changed a lot across its eight generations of models, slowly transitioning from a high-end off shoot of the Chevelle in 1964 to one of the highest ranking midsized sedans among American consumers today.

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