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What Happens If You Can No Longer Afford Your Car Payments

empty wallet

Most of us have been there—hard times. Paying your bills feels out of reach, and the stress it causes can amplify the entire situation. One thing many people fear during a tough economic time is the loss of their car. People rely on vehicles to do many things. They use it to drive to school, run errands, go to work and even to go to job interviews so they can try and find their financial footing again.


I Just Turned 18! Can I Buy a Car by Myself?

18 Years Old

Happy Birthday! You've just reached the big 1-8. You're legally an adult—that means lotto tickets, a vote and the potential of getting a loan—maybe even purchasing your first car. What does it take? Can you even get a loan when you have absolutely no credit?


Can I Get a Nice Car with In-House Financing?

Buying a Car

When you’re searching for a car, it’s always nice to dream about what you would get if you could afford it. However, bank terms and traditional financing often puts you on a strict budget—one that places a nicer car just out of your reach. One thing that’s often overlooked when you’re car shopping is in-house financing. When a dealership offers it, your instinct may steer you in the direction of what you’re familiar with. Before you say no, take the time to find out what in-house financing is, and see if it can get you into a nicer ride.


Celebrity Rides: Kevin Hart

Car Keys

It pays to be funny. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno have proven that. One comedian who has been laughing his way to the bank since his break in 2000 is Kevin Hart. He’s an actor, producer and acclaimed funnyman who also likes to use some of his paycheck at the dealership. His collection of automobiles isn’t quite up to par with his comedian counterparts, but he’s working on it. What he does have are some powerful vehicles made for fun.

Can I Buy a Car If I Have Student Debt?


Does student debt keep you from buying a car? Will the dealership take one look at that debt and run the other way? The answer to both questions is no. You’ll absolutely be able to buy a car—but before you jump into it, you should understand why having a car is important.


Car Keys Locked Inside? Check Out These Houston Locksmiths

describe the image

Many people have done it—they’ve walked away from their car and suddenly realized, “uh-oh.” There is no familiar jingling in their pocket or their purse feels a little lighter. Maybe they even forgot their purse. It’s a sixth sense— you know when your keys are not there. So what do you do if you’ve locked your keys in the car?


3 St. Patrick’s Day Events to Take Your Whip To in Houston

st patricks day houston 2015

So you’ve got a new whip (or maybe you just have an amazing one,) and you want to take it out to celebrate the luck of the Irish this March. Well, before you get in the car and drive, here are few festivals and events that you may want to consider.


Celebrity Rides: The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Luxury Car

Cars have been a status symbol for a long time. While there are luxury cars within reach of the average person, some have been exclusively saved for top-level businesspeople and celebrities. In fact, celebrities often have cars that are worthy of a little automobile envy. They have been customized, tricked out, and tailored with the ultimate in technology. What do these cars look like, and who gets to drive them? Well, the answer is changing all the time because someone new is always willing to step forward and take the top spot. But rest assured, even though some of these vehicles might not be the most expensive tomorrow—they are the most expensive today. Here’s what it looks like to be a celebrity driver with plenty of money to burn.

Say Hello to Our Newest 10K Winner


Congratulations to Felicia Mattox for winning the Shabana Motors and 97.9 The Box's Mad Hatta's latest 10K giveaway. Felicia walked away from Shabana Motors 10K richer! 


The Worst Intersections in Houston

Car Crash

Car accidents are bad. Besides the obvious reasons—injury and car damage—they can also cause many other issues. Some of those issues are the time it takes to get your car fixed, and having to deal with the insurance company. Insurance rates can increase too if you’re at fault. The value of your car immediately goes down if it’s been in an accident. If you’re injured in the accident, you can lose out by missing work or dealing with the cost of healthcare. So basically, accidents are not a good thing.

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