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The Shabana Motors Auto Blog

Cash For Your Car: A Guide to Selling Your Car

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Understanding a Vehicle History Report

Can You Remove a Repossession from Your Credit Report?

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Budgeting Tips for Back to School

The Benefits of Buying from a Family-Owned Used Dealership

What Happens if Your Credit Isn't Approved for a Car Loan?

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Celebrity Rides: David Beckham

Protecting Your Car from Theft in Houston

How to Refinance Your Car Loan

My Bankruptcy was Dismissed, Can I Finance a Used Car?

How Military Discounts Help Used Car Buyers

Can a Used Car Downpayment Save You Money?

The Worst Roads in Houston

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Getting Your Used Car Ready for Summer

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The Benefits of Buying from a Used Car Dealer

4 Things to Look for When Inspecting a Used Car

Settling Debt to Buy a Used Car

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Should You Cosign on Your Used Car Loan?

3 Reasons to Get a Warranty on Your Used Car

Prepping Your Used Car for a Spring Break Trip

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The Most Reliable Used Cars for Your Family

Financing Your First Car: What You Need to Know

Tips to Save Time at the Used Car Dealership

How to Get the Most from Your Tax Return (And Get the Car of Your Dreams)

Celebrity Rides: Nelly

Used Cars That Look Luxurious

Used Car Buying Tips for Retirees

Money Mistakes that Could Affect Your Credit

Celebrity Rides: Fabolous

Tackling Bad Credit in 2017

2017 Tax Tips to Save for Your Car Downpayment

4 Reasons a Used Car is Perfect for 2017

Start Your New Year Right with 10K in Your Pocket

Celebrity Rides: Johnny Manziel

Fixing Your Credit in 2017

What is the Texas Aircheck Program?

4 Holiday Events You Have to Check Out in Houston

Celebrity Rides: Carmelo Anthony

Budgeting Apps to Help You Prepare for Your Used Car Purchase

CJ Pony Parts Brings a Street-and-Track Mustang to SEMA

Can I Get a Car if I File for Bankruptcy?

What Gas Should You Use in Your Car?

Celebrity Rides: Tyga

I Lost My Job, How Do I Keep My Car?

4 Houston Halloween Parties to Show Off Your Ride in 2016

The Best Places to Get Your Car Washed in Houston

Are Online Financing Applications Safe?

4 Ways to Help Your Gas Mileage in Houston

7 Tips When Renting Cars

Understanding Your Credit Report Before a Car Purchase

Celebrity Rides: Missy Elliot

Driving Tips to Save Gas

Proving You Have a Cash Income

Win 10K and See Beyoncé!

Texas Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

Celebrity Rides: Taylor Swift

4 Tips to Avoid Car Repossession

The Best Family Cars if You Have Bad Credit

Paperwork and Car Buying: What You Need to Know

No Job and Need a Car Loan: What Are My Options?

Celebrity Rides: Funk Master Flex

Creating a Bill Schedule to Avoid Repossession

Little Known Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

The Best Used Car Models for Houston

What Makes the Perfect Used Car Dealership?

Celebrity Rides: The Rock

4 Places to Spring Clean Your Car in Houston

Finding a Bad Credit Car Loan With a New Job

4 Things to Know About Driving in Houston During Heavy Rain

Celebrity Rides: Blac Chyna and Amber Rose

5 Benefits of In-House Financing

Celebrity Rides: Steph Curry

First Time Car Buyers with Bad Credit: What You Should Know

Test Drive Tips for Houston Drivers

Repainting Your Car: What You Need to Know

5 Spring Break Destinations Near Houston to Drive Your Ride

6 Ways to Maximize Your Tax Return and Buy a Car

Celebrity Rides: NFL Players

The Danger of Late Car Payments

Protecting Your Car from Spring Pollen

3 Places to Get Your Car Wrapped in Houston

Celebrity Rides: DJ Khaled

4 Benefits of Spending Your Tax Refund on a New Car

Can a Used Car Save You Money?

Tips for Buying a Car on One Income

Start Your Year Debt-Free with Our New 10K Giveaway!

Celebrity Rides: Kylie Jenner

Car Buying Resolutions to Make for 2016

4 Houston New Year's Events to Show Off Your Ride!

Holiday Travel Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Buying a Car When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Celebrity Rides: Wyclef Jean

4 Tips for Picking the Right Used Dealership

Unlawful Car Modifications in Houston You Should Know

What is the Best Ride to Cruise Houston?

Celebrity Rides: 2 Chainz

Licensing Your Vehicle: Quick Tips to Get on the Road

The Texas AirCheck Program is Back

Celebrity Rides: Bow Wow

Getting an Auto Loan on Social Security Income

The Benefits of Full-Coverage Car Insurance

The Beginner's Guide to Car Warranties

Online Tools to Help You Save for a Down Payment

Asking Someone to Cosign a Loan: Find the Right Person

Celebrity Rides: NWA

3 Things to Do for Labor Day in the H!

Places to Take Your Dog in H-Town on National Dog's Day

Shabana Motors Now Offering You a Warranty!

Can I Buy a Car with No Driver's License ?

4 Things to Know When Trading in Your Car

Celebrity Rides: James Harden

Can I Buy a Car While on Unemployment?

4 Places to Get Your Car's Air Conditioning Fixed in Houston

Can I Finance a Car with Outstanding Credit Collections?

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Where to Take Your Ride This July 4th in Houston!

My Car Air Conditioning Broke! Now What?!

4 Places to Road Trip to in Houston (Under an Hour!)

3 Places to Celebrate Juneteenth in Houston

Celebrity Rides: The Kardashian Clan

Enter the 5 for 10K Giveaway at Shabana Motors!

Do I Need a Big Down Payment to Get a Car?

Can You Trust In-House Financing for Your Next Car?

5 Elements of a Basic Car Tune-Up

4 Places to Get Expert Car Repair in Houston

What Happens If You Can No Longer Afford Your Car Payments

I Just Turned 18! Can I Buy a Car by Myself?

Can I Get a Nice Car with In-House Financing?

Celebrity Rides: Kevin Hart

Can I Buy a Car If I Have Student Debt?

Car Keys Locked Inside? Check Out These Houston Locksmiths

3 St. Patrick’s Day Events to Take Your Whip To in Houston

Celebrity Rides: The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Say Hello to Our Newest 10K Winner

The Worst Intersections in Houston

3 Houston Radio Stations to Get Your Hip Hop Fix

Tax Return: The Perfect Car Down Payment

Celebrity Rides: Snoop Dogg

So You're in Sugar Land and Need a Ride? Shabana Has You Covered

No Credit? No Worries. Get into a Ride with These 3 Key Steps

3 Myths about Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Celebrity Rides: TI

Making Sure Your Fours Stay Yours

Merry Christmas from Shabana Motors!

Custom Paint Jobs: Where to Go in Houston

The 4 Coolest Cadillacs of All Time

Rosenberg, Texas: Buy a Used Car Today

Celebrity Rides: Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Celebrations: 3 Places to Show off Your Ride

Pasadena Residents: Have You Considered Shabana Motors?

The Best #ThrowbackThursday Celebrity Rides

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Chrysler 300

Be Careful: You May be Driving the Most Stolen Car in Houston

Conroe Car Shoppers: Buying a Car in Houston

Celebrity Rides: Floyd Mayweather

Happy Halloween

Chevy: The Ultimate Movie Car

Shabana Motors: Now Serving Spring, Texas

Meet 8 Generations of the Chevy Malibu

5 Places to Pimp Your Rims in H-Town

Grand Theft Auto: 4 Tips to Keeping Possession of Your Ride

Can I Get a Car for $500 Down?

3 Tips for Purchasing a Car with Cash

Celebrity Rides: The Game

4 Tips to Stress-Free Student Car Loans

4 Cool Events to Drive Your Slab to This Summer

Car Care in the Palm of Your Hand: Top Car Apps

Get a Good Deal: 5 Things You Must Know before Selling Your Car to a Dealership

3 Proven Ways to Get a Great Car Loan

Keep Your Car: How to Stay ahead of Your Monthly Car Payments

Buying Your Teen a Used Car: First Consider These 4 Essential Qualities

What Makes a Good Trade-in Car?

Celebrity Rides: Rob Dyrdek

Happy Labor Day

5 Tips to Save on Your Car Insurance in Texas

The 5 Best Cars from the Fast and the Furious

5 Common Driving Violations in Texas

5 Things to Consider before Cosigning a Loan

Car Dealership Shopping: Bring the Right Documentation

How Important Is Your Credit Score?

Voluntary Car Repossession: What You Need to Know before Surrendering Your Car

Finance Your First Car and Get Behind the Wheel

Ridin' Dirty in the South: A Guide to (Hip Hop) Car Culture in Houston

Celebrity Rides: Gucci Mane

Car Dealer Terminology 101: 5 Essential Terms to Help You Get a Good Deal

Researching Cars Online: What to Look For

Beat the Heat: 3 Tips for Car Care in Extreme Heat

4 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Cash Vs. Credit: What Should You Choose When Buying a Used Car?

The History of the Cadillac

Driving without Insurance: What Are the Consequences?

Can't Make Your Car Payment? Here Are 3 Options to Consider

Celebrity Rides: Wiz Khalifa

Top 3 Houston Rappers and Their Slabs

Cosigned and Divorce: How to Deal

How to $ell Your Used Car and Maximize Your Profits

3 Celebrities Who Wrecked Their $100,000 + Cars

Happy Father's Day

Pimpin’ Your Ride on a Budget

5 Car Accessories to Get Your Dad for Father’s Day

Celebrity Rides: Diddy

Meet the "Who the F Said It" Grand Prize Winner!

Detailing a Car Like a Professional

How to Repair Bad Credit after Identify Theft

Selling vs. Trading-In Your Car: What's the Best Option?

Happy Memorial Day

To Buy an Extended Warranty or Not, That Is the Question!

10 Steps to Selling Your Car

FICO 101: Understanding Your FICO Score

How Does Child Support Get Calculated in Auto Loans?

Happy Mother's Day

5 Tips to Pay off Your Car Loan Early

Celebrity Rides: Dwyane Wade

Bad Credit and No Cosigner? What Can I Do?

The Quick Guide to Qualifying for Auto Financing

When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Enter to Win $10K from Shabana Motors!

Car Loan Shopping: The Dos and Don’ts

Happy Easter

How Do Car Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

4 Tips for Test Driving a Car at a Dealership

Drive Clean with the AirCheck Texas Program

Repair or Replace? Pros and Cons

How Do Auto Loan Calculators Work?

Celebrity Rides: Ice-T Loves Coco and His Sweet Rides

First Time Car Buyers: Important Tips to Secure Your Loan

Repossessed Celebrity Cars: The Good Life Ain't That Great

Cool Movie Cars: 1.21 Gigawatts! Great Scott!

4 Ways to Get Your Car to 100,000 Miles

5 Best Cars for Single Parents

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Which Car Seat is Right for Your Child?

Celebrity Rides: Started From the Bottom Now Drake is Here

The Coolest Rap Video Cars of All-Time

5 Car Tricks to Impress the Ladies

10 Car Trends Shaping the Auto Industry’s Future

Ballin': 7 Coolest NBA Player Cars

Lights, Camera, Action: The 4 Coolest Movie Cars

H-Town Fun: Best Places to Take Your Ride in Houston

4 Signs You Need to Buy a New Car

Happy Valentine's Day

Changing a Tire? Here's What the Tire Numbers Mean

Mark Your Calendars: Top 3 Car Shows in Texas

Celebrity Rides - Marc Ecko

Online Car Shopping: Save Time & Make Better Car Buying Decisions

Blast from the Past: Top 5 Coolest TV Cars

The Best Car Super Bowl Commercials

Best Places to Drive in Texas

The Five Coolest Concept Cars

Know Before You Buy: A Vehicle Inspection Guide

The Coolest Rims for Your New Ride

Meet Our 'Countdown to Cash'mas' 10K Winner

Celebrity Rides - Rick Ross and 50 Cent

Questions to Ask Your Car Salesman

Transferring Car Title to Someone in Your Family

The Top 10 Cars in the NFL

Happy New Year's Eve

Travel Safely with These Holiday Car Tips

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season

Texas Laws For Gifting a Vehicle

Celebrity Rides - T-Pain

The Complete Auto Financing Glossary

See How Easily You Can Save for a Car Down Payment

5 Auto Loan Myths You Should Know

What is Negative Equity and How Will it Affect Me?

Win $10K with Our 'Countdown to Cash'mas'

Little Known Ways to Get the Most Out of Auto Tax Deductibles

The Guide to Car Loan Credit Reports

Auto Recalls: What You Need to Know

Safe Driving: Best Apps to Get you to Your Destination

The Complete Guide to Reviewing an Auto Sales Contract

Refinancing Your Car Loan: Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Benefits of Military Car Loans When Financing an Automobile

4 Ways to Find the Perfect Mechanic

Meet the "Fall Into Cash" 10K Winner!

Car Shopping Payment Options: Cash, Lease or Finance

Celebrity Rides - LeBron James

Student Car Loans: How to Get Auto Financing While in School

Questions to Ask Before an Auto Loan

Is Your Credit History Affecting Your Auto Insurance Rates?

A Step by Step Guide to the Car Loan Application Process

Survive Your Commute with These Easy Steps

Cheap Ways to Customize Your Car

The Keys to Avoiding Online Auto Scams

Celebrity Rides - Beyonce and Jay Z

Everything You Need to Know About Auto Repossession

Are You Hurting Your Credit Score?

Self-Employed Car Loans: What You Need to Know

Unlock the Secret of Test Driving a Used Car

The Guide to Understanding Car History Reports

Do You Know the Importance of the Texas Bill of Sale Form?

Selling a Car with a Lien: Tips from the Pros

Fall Into Cash With Shabana Motors and 97.9 The Box

What Everybody Ought to Know About Emission Tests

Settling Debt: 4 Steps to Eliminating Your Car Debt

How to Stop Car Repossession: The DOs and DON'Ts

The Secrets of Online Auto Loan Companies

Car Loan After Foreclosure: What You Need to Know

Bad Credit Auto Loan? A Guide to Finding Strong References

Celebrity Rides - Alex Rodriguez

Things to Know When Transferring a Car Loan to a Credit Card

Cosigner Release: Removing Your Name From a Joint Auto Loan

What is the Average Length of a Car Loan?

How to Buy a Car While Maintaining Child Support Payments

How to Fix Errors on Your Credit Report

5 Factors to Finding a Car Loan Without a Job

How to Get an Auto Loan While Living on Disability Income

Celebrity Rides - Nicki Minaj

Selling a Repossessed Car: The Ultimate Guide

Cosigning a Loan: Do Not Cosign for a Loan Before Reading This!

Rent-to-Own Cars: The Good, the Bad and Everything Else You Need to Know

Will They Check My Spouse's Credit When I Buy a Car?

3 Reasons to Stay Away From Car Title Loans

How to Prove Income With Bad Credit

Celebrity Rides - Flo Rida

Military Discounts: Save Thousands on Your Next Car!

Secured Credit Cards: How to Rebuild Your Credit Score Fast

4 Benefits of Buying an Extended Warranty for a Used Car

Paying Off a Car Lien: Use an Auto Loan

Auto Loan Cancellation

Things to Do After Buying a Used Car

Can't Make a Car Loan Payment: What to Do if You're Short on Cash

Tips for Getting an Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

Celebrity Rides - Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Auto Depreciation: What Factors Determine the Resale Value of Your Car?

How to Avoid Common Car Buying Mistakes

Buying a Used Car: Checking for a Lien

Unsecured Auto Loans: Everything You Need to Know

Cosigner Requirements for Your Auto Loan

Tips for Refinancing Your Car Loan

How Defaulting on a Car Loan Affect Your Credit Score

How to Get Auto Financing After Repossession

Celebrity Rides - Mariah Carey

Buying a Used Car: Documents to Get From the Dealership After Purchase

Monthly Car Payments: How Much Can You Afford?

Financing a Car? Liability Insurance vs. Full-Coverage Insurance

Auto Loans: Step-by-Step Guide to Car Financing

How Long Do Negative Items Stay on a Credit Report

How are Auto Loans Transferred?

Buying vs. Leasing: Advantages & Disadvantages

How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Fast

Celebrity Rides - Rihanna

Effects of Paying Cash for a Used Car

Things to Do Before Selling Your Car to a Dealership

Are Automatic Car Washes Safe for Your Car?

How to Pick the Right Car for a Teenager

Things You Never Knew Affected Your Credit

Bad or No Credit: What's the Difference?

Car Buying Tips: First Time Buyers

Use Your Tax Refund Towards Your Used Car Payments

Celebrity Rides - Kobe Bryant and Ludacris

Getting a Car Loan on a Cash-Based Income

How to Get Out of an Upside Down Loan

How Divorces Can Affect Credit Loan Terms

Beware the Wrong Way of Repairing Credit

What to Know Before Buying a Car

First Time Car Buyer Checklist

How to Establish Credit with Limited Credit History

$10K Giveaway Winner!!

Tips for Buying a Used Car

What is In-House Financing?

Tax Refunds Make Great Down Payments!

No Credit? How to Build Good Credit

Shabana Motors All-Star $10 Grand in your Hand

Use Your Tax Refund to Buy a Used Car

How to Build & Improve Your Credit

First Time Car Buying Tips for Teens

Upside Down Car Loans: Owing More than the Car is Worth

What is a "Buy Here, Pay Here" Dealership?

First Time Car Buyer Tips

In-House Financing: Pros & Cons

Down Payments: How Much is Enough?

Buying a Car Can Help Bad Credit

Car Shopping for Single Moms

Bad Credit Myths

How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

How to Choose the Right Car

Tips on Buying a Car with Poor Credit

Advantages of Trading in a Used Car

Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Common Mistakes When Buying a Car

Buying a Car: How to Save Money

Financing a Car with Bad Credit

In-House Financing: Buying a Car with Poor Credit

Should You Donate or Sell Your Car?

Pros & Cons of a Manual Transmission

What to do if your Car is Stolen

How to Flip a Car

How to Install a Car Alarm

Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

Prevent a Blown Car Engine

Save Money on Gas

Dealing with Road Rage

Top Causes for an Overheated Car

Upgrading Your Car's Headlights

Steps to Touch Up Car Paint Job

How to Sign Over a Car Title

How to Perform a Basic Car Tune Up

Clear Coat Paints: Cleaning Compounds

What is Tri Coating?

Driving Tips for All Drivers

How to Wax a Car with a Bad Paint Job

Routine Engine Checks

How Professional Paint Jobs are Performed

The Most Important Maintenance Tips

Safe Driving Habits

Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

Properly Clean a Car's Interior

Signs That Your Brakes are Bad

Steps to Take After a Car Wreck

Auto Repair Service Tips

Car Washing - The Do's and Don'ts

Facts about Engines & Motor Oil

Dismissing Common Myths About Car Wax

Common Reasons a Car Won't Start

How to Identify Car Leaks

Keep Your Car Running Forever

Diagnosing Common Engine Noises

Top Car Maintenance Mistakes

Routine Car Maintenance Schedule

Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

Maintenance for a High Mileage Vehicle

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start

What You Need to Know about Car Maintenance

Winner of Shabana Motors $10K Giveaway - Sherry Byrd!!!!

Give Your Car a Professional Wax Job

DIY: Install Car Stereo Speakers

DIY: Replace a Car Battery

Wash Your Car Like a Professional

How to Change Your Car's Motor Oil

Common Car Killing Issues to Look Out For

Common Signs of Brake Problems

Proper Tire Inflation Tips

How to Jump a Car Battery

DIY: Changing Car Brakes

What Motor Oil Does Your Car Need?

Common Causes of Ruined Paint

Mad Hatta's $10K Giveaway!

How to Change a Tire

How to Save Money on Brakes

How to Be Prepared For an Accident

Ways to Reduce Your Car Costs

Another Happy Customer!

Summer Car Care Tips

Winner of the $10K Giveaway!

Essential Items to Keep in Your Car

Driving Safety Tips

Ways to Save Money on Fuel

What to do if Your Car Overheats

What is Octane and Should I Use a Higher Grade?

Top Ten Signs You Should Immediately Pull Over

Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

Crack The Vault Contest

The Six Most Important Car Warning Lights

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

10 Car-Care Tips That Save Gas

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oil Changes

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tire Pressure

DIY Mechanic? Helpful Hints to Guide You Through

Top 10 Car Maintenance Mistakes

Trouble Shifting into the Right Gear? Symptoms of Transmission Repair Trouble

Five Warning Lights You Shouldn't Ignore

What is that Smell? Car Odors You Shouldn't Ignore

5 Car Noises Not To Be Ignored

Drive Smart: How to Increase Fuel-Efficiency

Cut Coverage Costs: How to Save on Car Insurance

Announcing the 10K Give Away Winner!

SR-22: What You Should Know

Sound Advice: How to Buy a Car Stereo System

Tread Lightly: Get The Most Out of Your Tires

Rev Up Your Rims: How to Choose Custom Wheels for Your Ride

6 Simple Ways to Save Gas and Get Better Mileage

DIY Car Detailing: 5 Tips to Make Your Car Shine

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