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The Six Most Important Car Warning Lights

Posted by Jeff Martin - 19 April, 2012


The warning lights that appear on your car’s dashboard console are designed to get your attention. The six most important car warning lights in modern vehicles should be dealt with as soon as possible.

1. Battery Charging System Warning Light

The charging system warning light indicates something is wrong with the system that charges and runs your battery. While you will still be able to drive your car for a limited time, normally between 30 minutes and an hour, this problem should be dealt with quickly.

2. Air Bag SRS Warning Light

An air bag SRS warning light means if you get into an accident the airbags will not deploy. Without a functioning airbag system you cannot be sure you and your passengers are safe. This issue is usually caused by an impact sensor malfunction or shorted electrical connection. While nobody plans on getting in an accident, you should be prepared by addressing and fixing this issue as soon as you can.

3. Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil pressure warning light is one of the most frequently ignored car system warnings. This alert means you are low on oil or there is a malfunction with the oil pump or bearing. Low oil pressure can result is full engine seizure and cause very expensive repairs. As soon as this light comes on, find a mechanic and get your oil checked.

4. Engine Temperature Warning Light

The engine temperature warning light means your car’s engine is too hot. An overheating engine is a serious issue. As soon as an engine temperature warning light illuminates, pull over and turn off the engine. Under no circumstances should you try to open the radiator cap until the engine is completely cool or scalding steam could potentially burn you.

5. Brake Warning Light

Your car’s breaks are vital to the safety of you, your passengers and the other drivers around you. When a brake warning light appears on your dashboard the first step is to check your parking break. If the parking break was not accidently left on, immediately get your brake and hydraulics checked for malfunction or damage.

6. Tire Pressure Warning Light

A flat tire, low tire pressure or overly worn tire tread are bad for your car and creates risky driving conditions. You should quickly check the pressure and wear of your tires when this warning light appears on your dashboard console.

The six most important car warning lights are meant to bring attention to a problem with your car and should not be ignored.  If you are worried about an unfamiliar light, it is always a good idea to take it to a mechanic to ensure the problem is not crucial.

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