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Tips for Driving in Extreme Heat

It’s August, and in Texas that can only mean one thing — it’s gonna be hot. Your car needs special care in the extreme heat as well as the cold, but not many people think about that.

Best Back-To-School Used Cars for Teens

Ah, that rite of passage every teenager dreams of and every parent dreads - getting a license to drive.

How to Spot a Hurricane-Damaged Used Car

Hurricanes are a fact of life in the Gulf Coast and in greater Houston. After the hurricanes and floods, it's important to know how to spot a hurricane-damaged used car if you’re in the market for a new ride.

Back to School 10K Giveaway

Shabana Motors and 97.9 The Box are giving you the chance to win $10,000 just in time for back to school! 

What to Do If Your Car Is Damaged During Severe Weather

Unless it’s in the garage, your car is exposed to every type of weather. While it can stand up to daily sunshine, morning dew, and gentle rain, the weather isn’t always serene. Severe weather happens year around. Texas, in particular, has ...

How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe during Severe Weather

Questions about how to keep your vehicle safe during severe weather are common in Houston. Hurricanes, hail, floods and heavy rain are some of the common severe weather events we experience each year.

Auto Insurance: How to Make Sure You're Covered for a Hurricane

Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November each year. This post addresses how to make sure you’re covered for a hurricane by your auto insurance carrier.

Get Your Ride Ready for Houston Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. If you live in Houston or anywhere along the Gulf and Atlantic coastline, review your plan or make a new one. Many people don’t take the time to prepare for the possibility of a hurricane in Houston. Precautions ...

All Your Questions Answered About In-House Financing Part 2

Questions about how to get in-house financing at a Buy Here Pay Here dealer is a frequently asked prospective buyer question. Shabana Motors has helped thousands of Houston area customers get approved for in-house financing.

All Your Questions Answered About In-House Financing Part 3

Many consumers assume that their bank or credit union will approve a used car loan request. If the consumer has banked there for many years, it’s a reasonable assumption to make.