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Volunteering on Thanksgiving Day

How To Make An Impact  Nothing feeds the soul more than giving back to the city you love. Here's your Thanksgiving Day volunteer guide. It's never too late to help!

Tire Pressure 101

What It Is? Tire pressure is the amount of air in your tires and is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch).  A pressure gauge is used to measure each tire’s PSI. It is strongly recommended that car owners check their tire pressure once a ...

Houston After Imelda

Buying a New Car vs a Used Car

Happy Monday yall! We hope you had a great weekend and feel rested. This month's topic is purchasing a new car vs. a used car and the advantages and disadvantages they both have.

$40K Anniversary Giveaway!

Beautiful people of H-Town, may we have your attention please!

8 Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality in Your Car

Are you disappointed in the sound trip you’re getting from your car audio system? You won’t get an eargasm with the low-cost factory components most manufacturers put into their vehicles.

What to Look for in a Commuter Car

It may surprise you to know that the mean travel time to work in Houston is 29.9 minutes. To refresh your grade school math, the mean is the number that occurs most often in a list of statistics; it's not necessarily equivalent to the ...

Where to Check Out Christmas Lights in Houston

Houston is a big place, and we love our Christmas lights. Shabana Motors wanted to put together a comprehensive list of places to go in Houston this month to see the grand light installations from neighborhood efforts to lights in the park.

Types of Rims and Wheels You Can Use on Your Car

You just bought a car or truck, but it looks like everything else on the street. What can you do to make it stand out? The most popular aftermarket upgrade you can do for your vehicle is to get new rims and wheels.

What Is a GPS Disabler or Starter Interrupt Device?

Kill Switch. Sounds kind of menacing, doesn’t it? Kill switch is another name given to GPS disablers and Starter Interrupts installed on vehicles. The primary duty of a kill switch is to keep someone from operating the vehicle, perhaps to ...