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Why You Should Purchase a Used Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue has been on the scene since 2008, and since then, has proven itself a consistently popular model. It’s a powerful, spacious, attractive and at the same time practical crossover SUV, not to mention affordable, making it a ...

Top Picks for Pre-Owned Compact SUVs

Compact SUVs have become increasingly popular in recent years. And rightfully so. They are spacious, have higher seats that allow you to see the road more clearly, and come in various sizes, shapes, and trim levels. Of course, their big ...

Houston After Imelda

What to Look for in a Commuter Car

It may surprise you to know that the mean travel time to work in Houston is 29.9 minutes. To refresh your grade school math, the mean is the number that occurs most often in a list of statistics; it's not necessarily equivalent to the ...

Where to Check Out Christmas Lights in Houston

Houston is a big place, and we love our Christmas lights. Shabana Motors wanted to put together a comprehensive list of places to go in Houston this month to see the grand light installations from neighborhood efforts to lights in the park.

Get Your Ride Ready for Houston Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. If you live in Houston or anywhere along the Gulf and Atlantic coastline, review your plan or make a new one. Many people don’t take the time to prepare for the possibility of a hurricane in Houston. Precautions ...

4 Ways to Save Money on Gas in Houston

According to USA Today, the average Houston resident commutes more than 40 minutes to work each day. Gas prices in Houston may be less expensive than the national average, but Houston drivers typically spend more time behind the wheel.

The Houston Homeless Hotel 3rd Annual Help for The Homeless

The Houston Homeless Hotel 3rd Annual Help for The Homeless

Best Car Safety Technology for Houston Drivers

If you’re in the market for a car, you may have questions about the best car safety technology for Houston drivers. Before you buy a used car, compare safety features. While it’s a given that everyone in the car should buckle up a seat ...

What You Need to Know About Electric Vehicles in Houston

Houston is among the top 20 electric vehicle-friendly cities in the United States. Our large population base, diverse geography, desire to lessen dependence on foreign energy sources, and unique culture make our city a great place for ...