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How to Maintain Your Used Vehicle During the Quarantine

About 66% of American employees are working from home due to COVID-19. Whether you plan to make this a permanent change or will eventually go back to the office, there's one thing we all need to face. Your car has sat unused for a long ...

Tire Pressure 101

What It Is? Tire pressure is the amount of air in your tires and is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). A pressure gauge is used to measure each tire’s PSI. It is strongly recommended that car owners check their tire pressure once a ...

Types of Rims and Wheels You Can Use on Your Car

You just bought a car or truck, but it looks like everything else on the street. What can you do to make it stand out? The most popular aftermarket upgrade you can do for your vehicle is to get new rims and wheels.

How to Get Rid of That Used Car Smell

Odors can be a problem whether you have purchased a used car or are trying to sell one. There are multiple causes of strange smells in a vehicle, and sometimes you need to identify what is causing it to find the best way to eliminate it.

How to Increase Car Resale Value

A certain percentage of people buying a new or new-to-them car expect to trade in their current vehicle to offset the cost. After all, there may be plenty of miles left on it, they just want or need a new car because their family has grown ...

Recommended Safety Features to Keep Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel

The first day of school is rolling around, probably too soon for many kids and not soon enough for parents. Back-to-school also brings an increase in new teen drivers with less than a year of experience under their safety belts.

Tips for Driving in Extreme Heat

It’s August, and in Texas that can only mean one thing — it’s gonna be hot. Your car needs special care in the extreme heat as well as the cold, but not many people think about that.

What to Do If Your Car Is Damaged During Severe Weather

Unless it’s in the garage, your car is exposed to every type of weather. While it can stand up to daily sunshine, morning dew, and gentle rain, the weather isn’t always serene. Severe weather happens year around. Texas, in particular, has ...

How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe during Severe Weather

Questions about how to keep your vehicle safe during severe weather are common in Houston. Hurricanes, hail, floods and heavy rain are some of the common severe weather events we experience each year.

Auto Insurance: How to Make Sure You're Covered for a Hurricane

Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November each year. This post addresses how to make sure you’re covered for a hurricane by your auto insurance carrier.