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What Is a GPS Disabler or Starter Interrupt Device?

Kill Switch. Sounds kind of menacing, doesn’t it? Kill switch is another name given to GPS disablers and Starter Interrupts installed on vehicles. The primary duty of a kill switch is to keep someone from operating the vehicle, perhaps to ...

Tips for Negotiating the Price of a Used Car

The thought of negotiating for a used car gives most of us weak knees. We just don't have a culture of haggling in the United States. Buying a car is one of the last bastions of negotiation for the ordinary person.

All Your Questions Answered About In-House Financing Part 2

Questions about how to get in-house financing at a Buy Here Pay Here dealer is a frequently asked prospective buyer question. Shabana Motors has helped thousands of Houston area customers get approved for in-house financing.

All Your Questions Answered About In-House Financing Part 3

Many consumers assume that their bank or credit union will approve a used car loan request. If the consumer has banked there for many years, it’s a reasonable assumption to make.

All Your Questions Answered About In-House Financing Part 1

In this three-part post, Shabana Motors addresses everything you’ve ever needed to know about in-house financing.

Can I Get a Used Car with No Down Payment

If you’re a Houston car buyer and you must buy a used car but you lack the down payment, you may ask,  “Can I get a used car with no down payment?”

How to Manage Your Existing Used Car Loan

Now that you’ve purchased a new set of wheels, it’s time for you to consider how to manage an existing used car loan. Remember—the car isn’t yours until you pay off the 36 to 72-month used car loan. That’s because, unlike unsecured credit ...

10 Good Credit Habits to Start Now to Qualify for a Used Car Loan

Houston car buyers need to know good credit habits to start now. These good credit tips can make getting a used car loan easier.

Getting a Car with No Employment History

  It would be nice if everyone who needed a car could walk into a dealership and get a loan that fit their budget and drive off in their newly purchased vehicle. However, loans are never quite that simple. Different scenarios affect a ...

Building Good Credit from the Ground Up

While it may not feel easy not to have a credit history, it can be an excellent place to start from. Imagine not having any debt—it’s basically a clean slate. You have the capability of directing your credit in a positive direction. It’s ...