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Safe Driving Habits

Posted by Jeff Martin - 18 September, 2012


Even though modern cars are equipped with a number of newly updated safety features, driving can still be risky if you don’t practice safe driving habits. The following tips will help keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe while you are on the road.

Seat Belts

You and any passengers in your car should always wear seat belts while the car is moving. Seat belts can keep a minor accident from escalating into one involving serious injuries or death. There is no excuse for not insisting your friends and family members wear their seat belts correctly. Most states have started instituting harsh punishments for drivers caught driving without a properly fastened seat belt.

Pay Attention to Other Drivers

Attentive drivers who follow every rule of safe driving can still get into an accident if they fail to pay close attention to other drivers on the road. The safest course of action is to assume every other driver is inept. This will keep your on your toes and prepared to react to a bad situation if it arises.

Adjust Driving According to the Weather

Weather conditions should have an impact on how you drive. Adjust your driving according to weather, such as heavy rain, snow or fog. Such inclement weather conditions can make the roads slippery and reduce visibility. For these reasons, you should slow down and take stay even more alert than usual.

Tired Driving

Never drive tired. A large number of annual traffic accidents happen because one of the drivers involved was tired and lost focus on their surroundings. When you are sleepy you cannot react fast enough to unexpected road obstacles or changes in traffic speed. No amount of loud music, cold air, or talkative passengers can make up for the danger presented by an exhausted driver.

Follow Speed Limits

Speed limits are set to keep drivers moving along safely. Pay attention to posted speed limits and do your best not to exceed them. Speeding means it will take longer for you to come to a complete stop and you are less likely to notice issues in front of you. The time you think you are saving by speeding will seem much less important when you inevitably get into an accident.

Safe driving habits can help you avoid dangerous traffic accidents. Keep these tips in mind to preserve the safety of you and other drivers.

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