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Driving Safety Tips

Posted by Jeff Martin - 11 May, 2012


Safe driving habits protect not only the driver and passengers but other motorists as well. By following a few simple driving safety tips you can keep yourself and everyone around you safe and secure while on the road. Every driver should keep these tips in mind before getting behind the wheel of their vehicle.


As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and every passenger are using safety equipment correctly and consistently. Modern three point seat belts save lives when worn in the correct manner. Before starting the ignition make sure that you and your passengers have fastened their seatbelts. The lap belt should be snug across the upper thigh and the shoulder strap should be worn diagonally across the chest. This ensures that in the event of a collision no one is thrown in a violent manner.

Cell Phone Use

Safe driving requires a lack of distractions. All of your active attention should be devoted to the road, your car and the current driving conditions. There are ways you can use a cell phone while driving and still avoid jeopardizing the safety of yourself and other motorists.

  • Become proficient at using hands-free cell phone tools like voice-dialing and speakerphone.
  • You should never text message while behind the wheel; not even when fully stopped at a stoplight or in traffic.
  • Avoid intense conversations or elevated emotions which can be instigated by a stressful phone call.
  • Know emergency numbers for your area and when you should call for help. Cell phones may be dangerous when used while driving but they can also save lives in the event of an accident or other emergency.

Pet Safety

A pet can be a fantastic driving companion. There are special safety tips that help protect the pet, the driver and the passengers while driving with an animal. When these precautions are not taken a traveling pet companion can become a dangerous distraction. Before taking your pet on a drive in your car, make sure the pet has identification tags in case they get away from you. Many vets also offer to implant harmless computer chips which can be encoded with your address and phone number. Also, secure your pets in a crate or harness; do not allow your animals to freely roam around your car.

Responsible drivers follow easy safety tips to keep themselves, passengers and neighboring motorists safe while driving. Attentive and consistent safety measures often save lives in unexpected circumstances.

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