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10 Steps to Selling Your Car

Posted by Cory Lowe - 20 May, 2014

There are a number of reasons you might want to sell your car on your own instead of trading the vehicle in or selling your car to a dealership. The 10 steps to selling your car help you maximize the sale while reducing the overall stress of the car-selling experience. 10 Steps to Selling Your Car

1) Documentation

The most important documents to have on hand before the sales process begins are the original bill of sale, title, and the vehicle’s service records.

2) As/Is Sale

Used car sales should be done with an as/is bill of sale. This kind of sale indicates that the property is being sold as it currently is, without any promises of a used car warranty. The forms can be found online in general and state-specific templates.

3) Thorough Cleaning

Do a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior. Remove all unnecessary property and accessories not included in the sale, as well as any trash or debris, and vacuum both the upholstery and floorboards. Wash the exterior, including the tires and windows.

4) Repair Check

Take your car to the mechanic. Many general repairs and maintenance checks cost less than they add to your car’s resale value. A buyer may ask to have a mechanic look at the car, and a very recent maintenance receipt will keep you from paying for the buyer’s check out of your own pocket.

5) Condition and Value

Set an asking price for your car based on its realistic value based on condition and the current market. Look at ads for similar cars being sold in your area to see the average pricing and compare that to its current fair market value. List your car for sale at a fair and competitive price based on that research.

6) Be a Salesperson

You need to be a salesperson to get the best price for your car, which means taking a proactive approach. Spread the word at work, with friends, in online car forums, social media, and print advertisements. Highlight each of the car’s most attractive attributes.

7) Safe Seller Meetings

You should plan a seller meeting that protects both your and your valuable property. Arrange to meet the buyer with the car in a public place. Ask to see a valid driver’s license and if you can accompany the potential buyer in the event of a test drive.

8) Negotiating

Have a minimum price you’re willing to accept in mind before negotiating. Allow the car to remain for sale as long as possible before you waver far from the original fair asking price. Avoid lowering your price before the buyer sees the car for the first time.

9) Collecting Money

Be wary of personal checks when selling your car. The best, most reliable, forms of payment for a used car sale are cash, money orders, and certified checks.

10) The Paperwork

Carefully fill out the bill of sale and title paperwork after the buyer has paid for your car. Be present for the buyer’s signature and file the paperwork immediately.

The process of selling your car can be simplified by preparing to follow the ten important steps to private used car sales.

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