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Celebrity Rides: Fabolous

Posted by Shabana Motors - 01 February, 2017

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John David Jackson is not a name that necessarily stands out in a crowd, but “Fabolous” is certainly an attention grabber. That’s probably why John, aka Fabolous, created his well-known stage name. Fabolous is a rapper with a long history in the industry—he’s earned awards, appeared in television and movies, and has steadily released albums since 2001. Fabolous also happens to love cars, and with a net worth in the multi-millions, he can afford to indulge his habit. Here are just a few of the rides he’s owned at one time or another, or been seen with.

Aston Martin Rapide

Back in 2010, Fabolous decided to treat himself to the ultimate birthday gift—a $250,000 Aston Martin Rapide. The lines of the Rapide set it apart—the aerodynamic appearance speaks of speed and luxury. The original Rapide was released in 2010 and featured things like an acceleration from 0-60 in 5 seconds, a top speed of 188 and luxury finishes that includes walnut trim and a Bang & Olufsen sound system. Fabolous obviously loves Aston Martins; you can find several articles about them on his website

Ferrari F12Berlinetta

In 2013, Fabolous Instagrammed himself with a stunning white Ferrari F12Berlinetta. The over $300,000 car is the ultimate racing machine, and with 731 hp, 508 lb-ft of torque, it can take you from 0-60 in 3 seconds. Part of the appeal of the F12Berlinetta, however, is the pristine aesthetic, including more luxury features than you can imagine. With Ferrari’s legendary interior, not only do you have the perks of powerful performance, but incredible comfort and technological amenities as well.

Bentley Truck/SUV (aka, the Bentayga)

According to a few news outlets, back in 2012, Fabolous was one of the first to purchase a Bentley Truck/SUV (which was to become the future "Bentayga"), and at the insane price tag of $750,000! Whether or not he got one is still a mystery. But the Bentayga has an interesting history. Advertised as an “ultra-luxury” SUV, the Bentayga became an obsession in the hip-hop world long before it hit the streets. Although technically more of a crossover, the 4, 5 or 7-seat vehicle oozes upscale detailing and swanky finishes. With the closest competitors being the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, Bentley offered an even more exclusive sport crossover to people who wanted something a bit more rare (and pricey).

Jeep Wrangler

Fabolous has been spotted with a black Jeep Wrangler that’s been tricked out, customized and sweetened in every possible way. Known for its off-road capabilities, the Wrangler is a favorite pick for people in the more rural areas in the country. However, celebrities and sports stars like to trick them out and turn them into urban beasts. The highest end Wrangler is the Unlimited, which is believed to be the 4x4 of the decade (according to Four Wheeler Magazine).

Cadillac Escalade

For a while, Fabolous had a black Escalade as his main whip. After an unfortunate incident with a semi, the Escalade went away. Luckily, Fabolous walked away unscathed. The Cadillac Escalade has been a favorite for the rich and famous for some time. It seems to be the car they drive when they don’t want to put their highest end automobiles at risk—in other words, it’s the everyday ride. Some of the Escalade’s appeal include more than enough room for friends and family, a nice luxury aesthetic, enough bells and whistles to keep celebutantes happy, and a powerful V8 engine with a solid performance. They also have a reasonable price tag that makes them a perfect vehicle for frequent use.

There’s been rumors that Fabolous also owned a Rolls Royce Wraith, but not a lot of information to back it up. One thing is for sure though, he loves his cars, and enjoys looking at everything coming out on the market. In fact, a good place to find information on interesting whips is on the Fabolous Life blog. Although he hasn’t purchased anything new recently, it’s only a matter of time before he finds his next ride. The question is—what will it be?

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