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Celebrity Rides: Lewis Hamilton

Posted by Shabana Motors - 03 May, 2017

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Car collectors come in all shapes, sizes and celebrity categories. You see comedians, actors, sport stars, rappers and rock stars all have a deep love of cars and beautiful collections of them. However, who would you expect to have the best collection? Well, one would hope that an internationally known racecar driver would.

Lewis Hamilton has made a name for himself on the racing circuit. He’s also made a name stirring up controversy (mostly with his extravagant lifestyle and how he drives on public roads). But hey, he does have that deep, abiding love of cars—one that he’s had from a young age. The best way to see if you think he has the best collection out there is to look at what is, and has been, in his garage.

What’s in a Formula One Racecar Driver’s Garage?

One would hope that the garage of a racecar driver was filled with amazing treasures—and a quick glimpse into Lewis Hamilton’s shows that his doesn’t disappoint:

  • 1966 Shelby AC CobraIt’s helpful to start by sharing one of Hamilton’s most beloved cars—the 1966 Shelby Cobra. In pristine condition, this once-in-a-lifetime automobile is used often by the frequent winner. The 427 “supersnake” is valued in the millions. The top speed is 164 mph, and the 3-speed automatic has a monster V8.
  • Ferrari LaFerrariMany people may wonder what the heck a “LeFerrari” is and how it differs from a “Ferrari”. Well, the answer is: The LeFerrari is a limited-edition hybrid sportscar that’s only been produced since 2013. What makes the LeFerrari special is the reduction in fuel consumption while maintaining power. Ferrari has managed to make a powerfully greener sports car that has its fans raving.
  • Mercedes SL 63 AMGThere’s something nice about having a simple, sporty roadster in your garage—and since Hamilton races for Mercedes, it’s fitting that his is a SL 63 AMG. Hamilton’s also happens to be a special gift from Mercedes for his F1 win. The special edition has plenty of black and gold highlights, and with a limited number available to others, it's sure to be a true collector’s item.
  • Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 There’s no better way to say it: The G63 AMG 6x6 is a beast! This beefy SUT (yes, you read it correctly, an SUT) is worth close to a million dollars (and over that with personal customizations). Although there were some doubters in the beginning, Mercedes ultimate power machine managed to sell much better than expected. It is an amazing off-road vehicle, and with its combination of power, luxury and performance capability, it has become a worthy addition to any car collector’s garage. As Mercedes puts it, it is, “the most spectacular cross-country vehicle of all time.”
  • Mustang GT500Lewis Hamilton can easily say that his Mustang Shelby GT500 has the best paint job around. His sweetly customized ride is a tribute to muscle cars everywhere.
  • Mercedes SLS AMG Black EditionThe Mercedes AMG Black series ranges $400,000 and up. Like every good racecar driver needs, the Black edition provides enhanced power and gull wings on the coupe model. Hamilton’s red one is most likely a perk of his relationship with his sponsor.
  • McLaren P1The McLaren P1 is part of the Ultimate series. It’s an aerodynamically-intriguing ride that reaches around 218 miles per hour. What makes it special is that it is a limited-production plug-in hybrid. It has sold out quickly and has definitely made a splash in the sportscar world.
  • Pagani ZondaThe Zonda’s haven’t quite reached the popularity of its competitors, but those who have a Pagani rave about them. Of course, one of the reasons people may hesitate to put a Zonda in their collection is the price tag of around $2 to 3 million dollars. Thought of as an “extreme” supercar, the Pagani Zonda is every collector’s dream. Car lovers everywhere winced when Hamilton crashed his.

Jets and Art

It’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with Lewis Hamilton’s car collection. It’s also nice to know he is a worldly guy who also has other interests. For example, he loves Andy Warhol, and has even had jewelry made to honor his favorite artist. He also invested in a Bombardier Challenger 605, a jet that has many aviation fans drooling.

It will be exciting to see Lewis Hamilton’s diverse collection expand. While he’ll always have cars from his sponsors, he’s good at throwing some unique rides into the mix. It goes to prove that he is, in fact, an excellent car collector. Maybe even the best.

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