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How to Maintain Your Car During Winter Months

Posted by Shabana Motors - 22 December, 2022

Senior man pouring Antifreeze windshield washer liquid during winter snow storm.

As we approach the coldest days of winter, taking care of your car is extremely important so you are not left stranded when you need it most. The following tips will guide you on how to maintain your car during the winter months.

1.   Check the Battery of Your Car

The power in car batteries tends to drop during cold weather. To ensure your battery is operating properly and at full capacity, have it tested by a mechanic or an auto parts shop to ensure the fluid is at full capacity. If you had the battery for five years or more, perhaps this is the time to replace it before it dies during a winter freeze. Freezing temperatures lower the igniting power of car batteries. Don’t wait to test or replace your battery car.

2.   Check the Motor Oil 

While your car may be kept in a garage during a freeze, many cars sleep outdoors and suffer when temperatures drop drastically. The oil that keeps your engine running can harden causing your engine to work harder. Ensure the oil you are using or that your car shop is using can tolerate low temperatures. Formulas used nowadays should hold changes in temperatures for year-round use. Have the oil checked for the proper functionality of your auto engine.

3.  Keep Proper Tire Pressure

Cold weather decreases the pressure of your tires. In fact, the pressure in tires can drop up to one pound per square inch with every 10-degree drop in air temperature. Driving with underinflated tires causes more friction between the tire and the road surface, thus increasing wear on the tire. When tire pressure is too low, this can also affect the suspension and steering of your car and even affect the performance of the brakes. Keep the proper tire pressure following the guide that is provided on the vehicle information sticker on the driver’s side door jam or the owner’s manual.

If your tires are worn out, replace them immediately. Icy roads are extremely dangerous and worn tires increase the chances of accidents.

4.  Fill the Antifreeze in the Radiator

Many ignore this important component when caring for their cars. While many may think of the coolant for heating temperatures, the coolant is the antifreeze that keeps the motor from freezing in frigid cold temperatures. Check that your car isn’t low on coolant or has any leaks. Car mechanics suggest having a mix of 50% coolant and 50% water in the radiator.


5.  Check the Heater and Windshield Defroster

Test the heater in your car to ensure it’s working properly. Besides keeping you warm while in your car, the heater also keeps your windshield and all windows clear from getting foggy. The function of the heater clears your windows, and the defroster will avoid your windows from getting icy. Ensure these are working properly as fogged or iced windows are a major safety hazard.


6.  Check the Brakes 

Test the brakes of your car if you think the pads may be worn. Don’t ignore any squeaky noise you hear as this serves as a warning your brakes need attention. It is recommended to have your brakes checked every 7,000-10,000 miles. If you don’t keep track of the mileage on your brakes, have them checked by a mechanic before it’s too late. Caring for the brakes of your car is caring for your family and every driver on the road.


Extend Years to Your Vehicle with Proper Maintenance

Follow these tips and your car will withstand the brutal winter temperatures. Remember, caring properly for your car will extend many years to your vehicle. As a car owner, it’s responsible to provide the utmost care to have your car run smoothly. If you are in need to replace your vehicle, you are in good hands at Shabana Motors.


At Shabana Motors, it is our goal to have every new car owner drive out of our lot with an optimal vehicle. Before each sale, our vehicles are tested and go through a detailed and vigorous check. Every car we sell comes with a 2-year/ 24,000-mile warranty, so you know you are taking home a reliable car. 

Shabana Motors is Houston’s best-used car dealership that has been in business for over 40 years helping Houston neighbors find a dependable vehicle. Having no credit or bad credit is no issue. Our objective is to get your life on drive.

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