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How to Maintain Your Used Vehicle During the Quarantine

Posted by Shabana Motors - 22 June, 2020


About 66% of American employees are working from home due to COVID-19. Whether you plan to make this a permanent change or will eventually go back to the office, there's one thing we all need to face. Your car has sat unused for a long time.

This isn't good for your car or its fluids. To ensure your car stays well maintained and is ready to be used, car maintenance is a must. Follow this guide to learn about how to store a car long term.


  • How Often Should You Start Your Car?

Every time you drive your car, the battery gets charged. Not driving your car means the battery will discharge and eventually become dead. Performing car battery maintenance ensures your battery stays charged enough to start your car.

If you notice your car taking longer to start, then you may already have a dead or dying battery.


  • Drive Your Car

Take your car out for a drive around the neighborhood to help keep it charged. Drive your car continuously for about 20 minutes to give the battery plenty of time to charge. Try alternating cars on trips for the essentials, like groceries.


  • Battery Tender

If your car is near an outlet, then invest in a battery tender. This device attaches directly to your battery and keeps it charged. You won't need to take your car out for trips to charge the battery.


  • How Long Can Gas Sit in a Car?

Gas doesn't last forever. It naturally degrades from oxidation and lasts about three to six months.

Thankfully, newer cars have fuel systems that help preserve the life of gas and prevent oxidation and separation. However, you can help your system by keeping the tank full to reduce gas-tank condensation.

If you have an older car or are concerned about your gas going bad, add a fuel stabilizer to your tank. This extends the life of the gas. Follow the directions on the bottle to know how much stabilizer you need for the amount of gas in your tank.


  • Change Your Oil

Engine oil has a useful life; this measured in both miles driven and time in the engine. You need to change your oil even if you haven't reached the required number of miles driven. This old oil has deteriorated.

Change your oil at home on your own or bring it into a shop and have it professionally done.


  • Check the Other Fluids

Check the brake and transmission fluid. These fluids settle and can separate. Gaskets that are typically kept lubricated dry out and fluids can begin to leak.

Look under your car for signs of a leak and bring your car in for servicing if you see a new leak. Ignoring these leaks will result in bigger engine problems further down the road.


  • Check the Tires

Having your tires properly inflated will help prevent them from developing flat spots. Check the sticker on the inside of your door for the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure. Then confirm that your tires are at this pressure.

Driving your car once a week will also help your tires from developing flat spots.

Follow These Used Car Maintenance Tips

By following these tips for used car maintenance, you'll be able to keep your car in reliable working condition throughout your time working from home. You can use these tips any time you have to store a vehicle long term that won't get much use.

That way, you can depend on the car to run when you're ready to start driving again or trade it in for something new.

Are you ready to upgrade your vehicle to something newer? Check out our inventory of used cars today.

Remember if you are having trouble during these challenging times, we are here for you. At Shabana Motors have been serving the Houston area for 40 years and we, more than anyone, understand that people fall into hard time at no fault of their own. Bad credit/No Credit situations are our specialty and we’ll gladly work with you to get you the best financial terms on the car that best suits your situation.

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