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Main Reasons a Used Lexus 350 is a Good Buy

Posted by Shabana Motors - 26 January, 2022

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When you’re looking for a used Lexus 350, you have a pretty wide choice of vehicles, in fact. Lexus 350 models include Lexus ES, IS and GS 350 sedan models, as well as the RX 350 SUV model. Take advice from the best used car dealership in Houston when we say that if you’re looking to put your life on drive again, then a used Lexus 350 of any of these varieties is the way to go.

Below we’ll explain why a used Lexus 350 is the way to go.

Your Choice of Highly Rated Models

As we mentioned, Lexus 350 comes in both sedan and SUV styles. The sedans include the ES, IS and GS, and the SUV is the RX 350. What’s more, you can just choose any according to your personal preference since Lexus are consistently highly rated by their owners. Edmunds reviews of Lexus 350 cars are consistently between 4 and 5 stars, and that’s despite the fact that Lexus is also up against some pretty serious competition from American and European brands in the sedan and SUV segments.

Powerful Engine Options

Lexus doesn't do engines in half measures. When you’re searching “used cars on sale near me” and you want something with an engine that brings the power, then look no further. The smallest engine you’ll find in a Lexus 350 is a solid 2.0L inline-4 DOHC with dual continuous variable valve timing. That handsome little engine still manages to output up to 241-hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.

Other models are typically equipped with 2.5L and 3.5L V6 engines, which even in their older models from 2012-2014 are still outputting 268-hp and 247 lb-ft of torque, and even more on the newer models. Lexus is a luxury marque from Toyota, but they never skimp on the power in these cars. Sedan or SUV, your Lexus 350 will fly, giving you all the power you need in any driving situation.

Unbeatable Reliability

When you want to know about which car brands are really the most reliable, you might turn to Consumer Reports. They are among the most authoritative when it comes to talking brand reliability, and you’ll always find Lexus among the top-ranked brands. With an overall score of 76, Lexus beats out fellow Japanese marques Mazda, parent Toyota, Infiniti and Honda. All of these brands are known for their top-notch reliability; cars that make it to 200,000 miles or more on the odometer without breaking a sweat, and Lexus is chief among them.

All you have to do is drive that Lexus as it’s meant to be driven, maintain it when it needs maintenance and a Lexus 350 will stay with you, delivering many great years of driving ahead.

Terrific Features

Lexus is a luxury brand, so stylish comes as standard in any and all Lexus 350 vehicles. Features vary depending on model year, but Lexus is known as one of the generous brands, offering daytime running lights, driver airbags, keyless entry, power lumbar support in the driver’s seat, ADAS features like parking assistance, tire pressure monitor, stability control system, rear window defogger and many more.

When you’re out on the highway, you can make use of cruise control to maintain a nice steady speed. When you pull up to a hotel or restaurant, set it to valet mode while the attendant takes it away to park. Keep passengers happy with multi-zone air conditioning, and so on. You get the picture, Lexus stands for great features, and you should expect to find plenty in whichever 350 model you choose.

Comfortable in Town or On the Highway

Your used Lexus 350 may be classed as a luxury vehicle, but it’s also packing Japanese efficiency that makes it suited for driving around Houston as well as daily commutes, errands about town, school runs and whatnot, as well as being just as comfortable at high speeds on the highway.

Even older models retain their great fuel consumption ratings, and you can expect to get 21-mpg in the city, and 30-mpg on the highway, with even the larger GS 350 models getting 20-mpg in the city and 28-mpg on the highway. You’ll struggle to find similar-size luxury sedans that can offer that kind of mileage.

A Dynamic, Fun Drive

It’s not enough to have a car that’s just a humble runaround and gets you from A to B, is it? Is it so much to ask that a used car might also be enjoyable to drive as well? Lexus 350 models will not disappoint in this regard. Their engines not only give them powerful acceleration --- 3.5L V6 models can often make 0-60 mph in just 6 seconds or so --- but they also are blessed with excellent steering and handling that makes them fun to drive wherever you are.

Comfortable and Practical

Now, a luxury used sedan like a Lexus 350 is most likely being purchased as a family car. For family cars, there needs to be comfort and utility in these cars too. Flashy design and desirable badging aren’t going to cut it when you need to factor in kids and relatives in the back seat on their way to school and church! Lexus 350 sedans and SUVs have huge amounts of space in the cabin and are known as some of the most generous and spacious models out there.

The ES 350, for instance, offers around 36 inches of rear legroom in older models from 2012-2013, but as much as 40 inches in models from 2017 onwards. Luxury rivals like the BMW 3 Series are still barely offering 35 inches of rear legroom in their newer models! On top of that, Lexus 350 sedans offer up to 15-16 cubic feet of cargo space, and the RX 350 SUV up to 56.3 cubic feet when you lower the rear seats.

Summary: Is a Used Lexus 350 Right for Me?

Be under no illusions, the Lexus 350 models are not perfect for everyone out there. It’s important to think about what you need from a car like this. Do you need AWD, for example? Not all V6 engine models come with an AWD option. In addition, the rear seats in some models don’t fold down, making it tricky to load in big cargo if you need to. These drawbacks aside, there are still so many advantages to enjoy with every Lexus 350 model.

Here at Shabana Motors we’re proud to be the top choice of the buy-here, pay-here financing used car dealerships in Houston. We are so confident in the quality of our used cars; we offer a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on all vehicles sold. You can trust we will put your life on drive. We are a Houston family-owned used-car dealership with 40 years in business.

Call us at 713-270-9005 to schedule an appointment and see us here at Shabana Motors

Your Lexus 350 is waiting!

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