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Shabana Motors Gives Back to the Community

Posted by Shabana Motors - 20 December, 2021

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Shabana Motors Gives Back to the Community

At Shabana Motors, giving back to the community is part of our culture. For 40 years, it’s been our commitment to help our Houston neighbors get their Life on Drive. We believe that giving back to our Houston communities is a privilege and a collective responsibility.

Why is it important for us to give back to the community?

Our chairman, Aftab Rahmtulla, believes that education is one of the most important causes that we can contribute to. Growing up, Mr. Rahmtulla’s family didn’t have much and remembers his childhood with limited access to books and other learning tools. He stands by the principle that education opens many doors.

Shabana Motors' Scholarship Fund Supports TSU Students

We have committed to providing scholarships to Texas Southern University students in Houston so they can continue their studies and complete their degrees. We are humbled and honored to hear from our recipients how our devotion to giving has impacted their lives. See what TSU students said about our efforts to help in education.

Chidiebere Timothy Uzoewulu

Dear Mr. Rahmutalla,

My name is Chidiebere Timothy Uzoewulu. I'm a graduate student of Clinical Psychology in Texas Southern University. I write in appreciation of the scholarship awarded to me by Shabana Motors, also I want to thank you Mr. Rahmutalla for your contribution in making this scholarship award a reality. This scholarship will be of tremendous help to me, especially concerning the payment of my tuition fees. Thank you so much once again and remain blessed.

Alain Noel

Dear Shabanna Motors,

This scholarship seems unfathomable. It almost seems unreal to receive, considering the extreme trials I’ve endured just to get to this point. This gift almost seems divine and perfect in nature. My name is Alain Noel and I am a senior at Texas Southern University majoring in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. I began my collegiate journey in 2009 with a track and field scholarship to Sam Houston State University. I came home to Houston to finish my education after I had my beautiful daughter Aria and obtained my associates degree in audio engineering at a private college.

Unfortunately, my associates degree would not transfer to Texas Southern University, so I had to attend Lone Star to obtain most of my credits. Once I finally made it to TSU, COVID-19 struck a devastating blow to myself and my family. Not only did I lose my job, but I lost my home of over 13 years due to nonpayment. With only three semesters left, I’m not able to pay for my education.

This scholarship will allow me the means to increase my GPA at TSU from a 3.7 to a 4.0, obtaining a bachelor’s degree as the first in my family!!! After which, I will obtain my master’s in communication. I have been working as a vocal/piano instructor and a teacher’s assistant at Harmony School of Endeavor and School of Science and Technology for 4 years, in hopes that one day I can call myself a teacher of our wonderful children. They are indeed our future.

Your heart is truly sensitive to the needs of hopeful and driven individuals. I appreciate it more than a dictionary of words can ever express. I can’t wait to show my daughter my bachelor’s degree and express my love for her by providing her not only a better life, but an example of what success can look like, so she can feel confident in going after and obtaining her own dreams.

Shabana Motors Company. You are truly filled with a full heart, an amazing purpose, are a changer of lives, and an advocate for the students and their future.

Making a Difference by Giving

Shabana Motors measures success by giving back. It is our mission to make a difference in the life of people and prepare them for success. We are committed in giving back to our community.

Get Your Life on Drive

Getting people’s Life on Drive is what matters most. We provide in-house financing to give Houstonians the opportunity to own a vehicle. Regardless of good credit, bad credit or no credit, we get our customers approved no matter what type of credit they have. Shabana Motors builds strong relationships and is committed to finding you the perfect car and finance solution that will suit your financial needs to purchase a car.

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