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What are the Best Used Sedan Cars to Purchase?

Posted by Shabana Motors - 26 October, 2021



Sedans are by far American's favorite ride, outside of pickup trucks.

The trouble is that brand-new sedans are getting expensive to purchase because of all the new-added technology they house and the new cutting-edge materials that are being used.

But if you’re aspiring to get yourself a new sedan, then don’t worry, because there are amazing deals to be had in the world of used sedan vehicles, and that happens to be something that the best used car dealership in Houston, Shabana Motors, knows a lot about.

Why Buy a Used Sedan?

Let’s consider briefly why you’d want a used sedan in the first place. Why not just go ahead and buy the latest one? The first reason you should favor used sedans is the financial savings, of course, but also because you simply don’t need the very latest thing. The difference between model years is not as big a leap as you think, so you’re basically paying for that model year more than anything else.

What’s more, when you go for a used sedan, you can give yourself a serious upgrade by going for the top-level trims that you might not be able to afford on a new one. If you go with a brand-new model, maybe you’ll have to buy the base model because that’s within your budget. If you go back a few model years, you’ll find the top-level trim is the same price, or less! You get more bang for your buck.

Our Top Pre-Owned Sedan Vehicles

Here at Shabana Motors we have a huge inventory of vehicles on offer, but below we’ve prepared a special featuring of our very best used sedan models. These are the models that give you the very best in terms of performance, comfort, durability, and style, but are also great-value models. Let’s take a closer look:

Toyota Camry

When it comes to dependability, do they come any better than a Toyota? The Camry is the flagship executive sedan in the Toyota range, and offers premium looks, a comfortable and spacious passenger cabin, a lively 203-hp V6 engine and great fuel economy at around 39-mpg.

Some look at a Toyota Camry and just see an everyday, great commuter car but not exactly a “performance machine.” That’s where they’re wrong, though. This V6-powered sedan handles beautifully on the road and is great fun to drive for a car this size. This means the driver gets to have a fun ride while the passengers enjoy smooth and unbeatable comfort. It’s also got a stellar safety record, making it ideal for families. The Toyota Safety Sense ADAS system makes driving safer and easier for everyone.

Toyota Corolla

The smaller sedan sibling of the Camry is the Toyota Corolla, and it is one of the best-selling cars in the US for very good reason. Not only does it share the same qualities of reliability and high standard of materials as its Camry brother, but it’s also spacious, even more affordable, and has a bit more of a sporty exterior that appeals to some where the more “executive” Camry doesn’t. 

The Corolla also comes with Toyota’s Safety Sense ADAS suite, which gives features like collision detection and avoidance, steering assistance, automatic high-beam lights, and more features on many used models. These have been standard features for some time, and Toyota is known for being generous when it comes to these additions.

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is a fantastic choice of sedan for those who want all the function and practicality of a Japanese model but with a bit more of an “edgy” look to the design. The angular lines on the Altima make it hard to resist for buyers, as well as those by-standers who spot it on the road. Even used Altima’s from the last few years are also loaded with a powerful base engine at 2.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder unit with 248-hp and 280 lb-ft of rotation. 

Therefore, those wanting a speedy and performance-friendly sedan will find a lot to love in the Altima as it races from 0-60 in just 5.8 seconds. What’s more, it’s fuel efficient at 28-mpg in the city and 39-mpg on the highway and has AWD available and a comfortable interior to enjoy.

Honda Accord

Among the Japanese sedans, the other big competitor in the US is the Honda Accord. This car has been around for a long time but continues to offer stylish looks in recent model years with a sportback rear and executive front end, as well as fantastic reliability and ride quality. It rides light and smooth, handling brilliantly on even the tightest corners. Even in used models, you also get pleasing digital instrument features, ADAS systems (Honda Sensing) like adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning and much more.

Honda Civic

Why do people continue to adore the Honda Civic? One reason is the versatility of this amazing Japanese model. It comes in different forms, some impossibly sporty and others more classic and executive in style. It’s a car that suits all occasions, but also offers drivers and passengers the best version of all worlds. You get stylish interiors, sporty drive dynamics, great storage space, stunning alloy wheels, and, for those who really enjoy driving, there is an option for manual transmission on every model year and body style. 

Where the Civic really sets itself apart is in fuel efficiency. If you want a car that’s money-saving in the city and on the highway, then the Civic is it. How about 32-mpg in the city and 42-mpg on the highway? Can other sedans match this? It’s rare, if at all, and you can get this kind of mileage on used models, not just the latest ones.


Are you noticing a Japanese theme so far? We’ll get to some American models too further below but first let’s also remark on the fantastic Mazda3. This compact sedan is an affordable, stylish, and reliable alternative t comes in various different trims: Select, Preferred, and Premium.

It gets a rearview camera as standard, which is great for parking, and many models have a raft of additional safety features installed so you’ll always be able to to a larger model if you want a sedan but don’t need anything too large. Ifind a package that suits your safety needs.

Chevy Impala

Now for an American sedan, is the Chevy Impala. What’s so great about this car, anyway? First, there’s that confident, bold, and dynamic look the Impala offers on the outside. It’s an impressive sedan with real presence and just the right car to make a good impression on arrival. On the inside, it’s built for big and tall drivers. This is a car a football player would feel comfortable driving.

The Impala is powered by a very strong but also economical V6 engine offering up to 300-hp and getting you from 0 to 60 in just 6.4 seconds. It’ll get 28-mpg on the highway, which is very respectable for a car of this size and power. Users have also offered many compliments about the MyLink infotainment system in the Impala, too. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and advanced.

GM: Cadillac

Finally, no list like this could be complete without mentioning a Cadillac or two. You’ll find several Cadillacs in our inventory, while differing in size and scale, but sharing common qualities such as fantastic all-American luxury, powerful engines, imposing presence and more. Cadillac is synonymous with soft and sumptuous seats, advanced digital and safety features, and that signature strength you find in its frame and build. For the real American drive, a Cadillac is a great choice, and a used Cadillac is amazing value for money.

Shabana Motors, In-House Financing Car Dealership

A used sedan is a great deal compared to a brand-new one, but we’re happy to add that here at Shabana Motors we bring that dream of a top-notch sedan even closer with our buy-here, pay-here financing model. Even if you have bad credit, or no credit, this is no issue for you to drive out of our lot with a car. We have pre-owned sedans that are ready to keep your life on drive. With our 2-year/ 24,000-mile warranty, we assure you will have a reliable vehicle. Get in touch with us today at 281-994-7105 and learn more about our fantastic range.

Shabana Motors will also buy your car if you are in the market for an upgrade. We pay top dollars for your vehicle. 

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