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Why You Should Purchase a Used Nissan Rogue

Posted by Shabana Motors - 27 August, 2021

nissan-rogue-blog2The Nissan Rogue has been on the scene since 2008, and since then, has proven itself a consistently popular model. It’s a powerful, spacious, attractive and at the same time practical crossover SUV, not to mention affordable, making it a perfect choice for a family car.

If you were thinking of looking at a brand-new Nissan Rogue, then you might not have heard the many great reasons you should think first of actually purchasing a used Nissan Rogue. Well, now the best used car dealership in Houston, Shabana Motors, is going to tell you exactly why a pre-owned Nissan Rogue is the best car to keep your life on drive.

Used Cars on Sale Near Me: Reasons to Buy a Used Nissan Rogue

Reason 1: You Save Big on a Reliable Car

When you buy a used Nissan Rogue, you save thousands of dollars on the original MSRP when new, while at the same time enjoying the class-beating reliability that this brand and model are known for. These are cars that are built to last; built to travel; built to support, and you don’t have to go and blow your pocket on the very latest one. Pre-owned is guaranteed quality when you’re dealing with the Nissan Rogue.

Reason 2: A Long-Time Top Seller

The Nissan Rogue was the number 1 best-selling Nissan vehicle in the US market in 2016 and has consistently had a strong showing. Nissan has been selling thousands of units every year because it’s a crossover that delivers on every promise: power, space, utility, looks, reliability and more.

Reason 3: Powerful Engines

It’s true that sometimes crossover SUVs can be equipped with small engines, but the Nissan Rogue is no slouch. The Rogue comes with either a 2.0L inline-4 or most in fact with a much more powerful 2.5L inline-4 outputting up to 170-hp. We’re not saying it’s a racetrack car, but when you have a car loaded with kids, their gear, their friends and more, it’s all the power you need and much more.

Whether you’re driving around running errands in Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford, or other areas around Houston, or even commuting several miles on the interstate getting to work, the Nissan Rogue with its powerful and efficient engines will help get you there quickly and safely.

Reason 4: Spacious Interior

Did somebody say interior space? Nissan Rogues have long offered some of the best cargo volume anywhere on the market. The Rogue offers you 39.3 cubic feet of luggage space in the rear with all the seats up, but you can raise that up to a huge 70 cubic feet if you put the rear seats down. It can also tow trailers up to 1,100-lbs, and access to the rear storage area is easy thanks to the available power tailgate.

Don’t think that brand-new means more space. Nissan has been consistent in providing top-notch spacious passenger cabins in the Rogue for many years. You will not be disappointed when you get into your used Rogue for the first time and experience the airy, light, comfortable space that they have built for you.

Reason 5: Features

You don’t need to own the very latest Nissan Rogue to enjoy some of the best features that this model has to offer. Used models still feature great tech additions like ProPilot Assist, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and prevention, and many more features. Additional safety features include multiple airbags, blind spot monitoring system, automatic emergency braking, traction control, and daytime running lights.

Models from 2015 onwards all enjoyed fantastic comfortable seats, too, some with front seats known as the “Zero Gravity” seats. With 14 different pressure points placed with purpose around the seat structure, you get the support you need when taking longer journeys or when you’re just the kind of person who must spend many hours of each day in the car.

Other great features include a customizable screen display, navigation, climate control system, keyless entry, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and much more. Buying a used Rogue does not mean you are getting yesterday’s news.

Reason 6: Drive Quality

It’s easy to talk about tech features, looks, engines, horsepower, and comfortable, supportive seats, but let’s get down to the drive. A used Nissan Rogue drives just as well as it looks, and is well supported by rear multi-link suspension, a quiet cabin and agile handling. The Rogue is an absolute pleasure to drive.

What’s more, we understand that you might think an SUV could be a bit of a gas-guzzler, but Nissan doesn’t deal in that type of car. The Nissan Rogue offers very impressive fuel economy, with models from the second generation (2014-2020) achieving 25mpg in the city and 32mpg on the highway.

In-House Financing Car Dealership, Shabana Motors

So, now you’re convinced of the many merits of owning a used Nissan Rogue, but where will you go to get one? You know that you want a great selection, superb service, and great assurances of quality like a 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty on any vehicle you might choose from the lot. Well, you can get all of that when you come to our lot here at Shabana Motors.

Shabana Motors is a family-owned company, and we are in the business of getting your life on drive; and that goes for you and your whole family. We strongly believe that when you get the right in-house financing terms that you can live with both today and tomorrow, you can drive away in the Nissan Rogue, or other vehicle, that is everything you need in a car and more.

Bad credit, or no credit won’t hold you back when you come to Shabana Motors in Houston, TX. We’re all about getting the keys to that perfect automobile into your hands. Come visit us or call us to make an appointment and see what’s in our inventory. We’re ready to assist.

Call today at 281-994-7105.

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