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What Everybody Ought to Know About Emission Tests

Despite needing to undergo regular emissions tests, many car owners do not know what everyone ought to know about emissions testing. You should understand what the test is looking for, how to address the results and other important aspects ...

Are Automatic Car Washes Safe for Your Car?

When a car is kept clean, it looks better and retains its value longer. Many drivers are hesitant to bring their car to an automated car wash for fear of damaging the vehicle. There is a possibility of an automated car wash damaging your ...

Pros & Cons of a Manual Transmission

Even though most cars come equipped with an automatic transmission, many drivers prefer to operate manual transmission vehicles. Consider the pros and cons of choosing a manual transmission versus an automatic.

How to Flip a Car

Many people are able to make a sizable profit by flipping cars. To flip a car means to purchase a car that you can make a few improvements to and then resell for a profit. There are certain steps you should take when you flip a car.

How to Install a Car Alarm

A car alarm provides you peace of mind by preventing the theft of your vehicle. With the right preparation, even someone with little to no experience working on their car can correctly install a new car alarm.

Prevent a Blown Car Engine

A car with a blown engine requires complicated repair work that can often cost more than the value of the vehicle. After an engine blows the entire engine needs to be taken out and replaced due to consequential damage to vital components.

Save Money on Gas

One of the highest on-going expenses most people have to contend with is the cost of keeping fuel in their cars. There are several ways you can save on fuel without truly sacrificing the convenience of driving your car.

Top Causes for an Overheated Car

An overheating car engine can be caused by one or more of the engine’s temperature regulating components malfunctioning. As soon as you notice your car’s engine overheating it is important to determine the cause of the high temperature ...

Upgrading Your Car's Headlights

Bright reliable headlights make driving at night and in inclement weather safer and easier. Dim older headlights can be replaced to upgraded newer headlights. Whether you choose to upgrade to a higher wattage bulb or switch to xenon gas ...

Steps to Touch Up Car Paint Job

A small scratch in your car’s paint job can ruin the aesthetic appeal and resale value of the vehicle. You can touch up your car’s paint job yourself easily and avoid paying a professional automotive painter to fix a small problem.