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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Shabana Motors is Wishing You a Happy St. Patrick's Day! *Image courtesy of

5 Car Tricks to Impress the Ladies

Car tricks, like those seen in blockbuster driving action films, can be a fun way to impress the ladies. Before attempting any of these tricks, remember that what is seen in the movies is done by professionals in controlled environments, ...

10 Car Trends Shaping the Auto Industry’s Future

The future of the auto industry is being shaped by innovative new trends in both design and technology. The top 10 car trends address every concern facing both consumers and auto manufacturers. You may want to consider these trends when ...

Happy Valentine's Day

Shabana Motors is Wishing You a Happy Valentine's Day *Image courtesy of

Best Places to Drive in Texas

Texas is full of beautiful scenic roads and driving destinations that make driving in your car in the expansive state an experience to remember. The best places to safely drive in Texas capture the natural beauty of the landscape and the ...

The Five Coolest Concept Cars

A concept car is a specialty vehicle designed and manufactured in extremely limited quantities, sometimes one at a time, as a way to show off new advancements in technology, design, and amenities. You may never be able to walk onto a ...

Happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! Here is to another great year. Enjoy the New Year's Eve parties and make sure to stay safe.

Travel Safely with These Holiday Car Tips

Everyone hopes their holiday driving experience is safe and stress-free. With so many people traveling the roads on holidays, this can seem like a difficult experience to orchestrate. The following holiday car travel tips will help you ...

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season

Shabana Motors is wishing you a happy holiday season.

Safe Driving: Best Apps to Get you to Your Destination

There are millions of smart phone apps, a number of which try to make driving your car a better experience. The most helpful driving apps can reduce the stress of driving, keep you safe while driving your car, and connect you with ...