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Should You Buy a Used Car From a Friend or Family Member?

Buying a used car from a friend or family member seems like a good way to get a deal. After all, you like each other, right? Your friend or relative would never cheat you or steer you wrong, would they?

Common Mistakes of First-Time Used Car Buyers

Buying your first car is a novel experience. It can feel intimidating and exciting at the same time. There are so many vehicles from which to choose, in a rainbow of colors and a plethora of features. You just want to rush out and start ...

Buying a Used Car From a Dealer vs. a Private Seller

You’ve decided to buy a used car. Maybe you’re looking for a first car for the newly licensed teen in your house or making a bid to limit depreciation. Or you just like used cars because they have a little extra character. The question is, ...

Common Used Car Scams

The stereotype of the slimy used car salesman is still alive and well in certain places. It’s always been caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), but we want to make you aware of a variety of scams you may not realize exist and how to spot ...

How to Increase Car Resale Value

A certain percentage of people buying a new or new-to-them car expect to trade in their current vehicle to offset the cost. After all, there may be plenty of miles left on it, they just want or need a new car because their family has grown ...

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car Online

Like so many things, car buying is moving online. Companies like Carvana and Vroom offer new and used vehicles you can buy over the internet and have delivered to your home. It’s like Amazon for drivers.

Best Cars to Use as Rideshare Cars

If you are considering driving for a rideshare company such as Uber or Lyft, you will have to change the way you shop for a vehicle. Each rideshare company maintains a list of approved vehicles for each category of service, but not every ...

Best Back-To-School Used Cars for Teens

Ah, that rite of passage every teenager dreams of and every parent dreads - getting a license to drive.

How to Spot a Hurricane-Damaged Used Car

Hurricanes are a fact of life in the Gulf Coast and in greater Houston. After the hurricanes and floods, it's important to know how to spot a hurricane-damaged used car if you’re in the market for a new ride.

All Your Questions Answered About In-House Financing Part 3

Many consumers assume that their bank or credit union will approve a used car loan request. If the consumer has banked there for many years, it’s a reasonable assumption to make.