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What Are The Best Used Luxury Cars To Purchase?

Posted by Shabana Motors - 22 November, 2021

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Nothing puts your life on drive like a stunning luxury car, right? The issue is they are so often out of reach for the majority of us. We can work and work but never quite get to the point where we can stroll into a luxury dealership and drive out in a brand-new Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or something else. 

What if we told you that a number of fantastic luxury cars of the above makes and others were within reach right here at Shabana Motors? Would you wonder how? The answer is quite simple, and that’s to buy used luxury cars. You’ll find it hard to believe just how much you can save for the amount of car that you can get.

Why Buy a Used Luxury Car?

Before we introduce some of the best used luxury cars that you can purchase, let us briefly explain why. The fact is that luxury cars still depreciate like any other, losing about the same percentage of value within their first two years or so as most other vehicles do. This means big drops in prices for you, while the car itself being a luxury brand typically retains a very pleasing and high level of quality and style.

It’s a different experience to how it was decades ago. You can buy a car that’s 3 or 4 years old, but it still has all or most of the features of a brand-new model. Let’s now take a closer look at some of the best used luxury cars to purchase.

Best Used Luxury Cars to Purchase

Lexus ES 350

Toyota’s luxury wing has put out some seriously nice cars in the years it’s been around. The ES 350 starts with a very respectable 268-hp 3.5L V6 engine that, despite its decent power, offers a soft, quiet, and balanced ride for both driver and passengers. The Japanese engineering under the hood also offers respectable mileage of up to 30-mpg on the highway, which is a good rating for a luxury sedan. 

Inside, you get an 8-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, comfortable seating, navigation and a stellar safety rating, all of which come together to make it a fine choice as a new family car.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Who doesn’t love a Benz? Benz cars suddenly fly into your affordable zone when they're a pre-owned model. The CLA-class offers an amazing combination of sleek athleticism and executive looks. It’s powered by a 2.0L inline-4 as standard generating 208-hp and there’s a FWD or AWD drivetrain version available. The interiors are so well made that even with used cars, the quality stands up so well with a timeless, high-class finish that’s irresistible to look at.

It doesn’t have a big engine, but the CLA could still manage 0-60 mph in just 6.1 seconds, and the AWD gets there in 6.3 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

The GLE class hasn’t been around long, but it does continue a long line of amazing Benz SUV vehicles. Already with the GLE there are some terrific affordable used models on the market. You get a terrific high-tech cabin, upscale seating and high-quality finishes on all interior surfaces --- no cheap plastic in sight!

The GLE is powered by a 255-hp 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, but other options include a 3.0L V6 and even a 4.0L V8. Don’t forget that when you’re buying used you can usually get a lot more bang for your buck. The GLE V6 version also came with a hybrid powertrain, offering up to 346-hp and could do 0-60 in just 5.3 seconds. You can also get 11 suitcases into its cargo area, making it ideal for families getting ready to travel.

BMW 3-Series

BMW’s all-round executive sedan is an irresistible classic that never fails to impress. It’s the ultimate symbol of success and power. The Bavarian machine is known for its superlative engines, roomy and comfortable interiors, quality interior finishes and impressive performance. The standard offering is a 2.0L inline-4 yet providing good highway mileage.

BMWs also feature great infotainment systems that are intuitive and easy to use on high-quality screens. They’re so good that they were even transplanted into Rolls-Royce cars! You can get Apple CarPlay, too, which is a nice familiar addition.

Infiniti Q50

Nissan’s luxury wing has done some impressive things, one of which is the Infiniti Q50 Sedan, which offers delightful curves and chrome detailing on the exterior, while also giving an impressive 300-hp 3.7L V6 engine as standard. This 4-door luxurious sedan provides enough room for a family of 5, with plenty of trunk space to pack it up. The seats are comfortable, too, with leather upholstery available and enough legroom on the rear-seat for even long legs.

Audi A6

The A6 is a big upgrade on the popular flagship sedan of the A4. When they’re brand-new they fetch a very high price but when you buy one used you still get all the best things about it for much greater value. For instance, you’ll get either the turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder base engine or the more powerful upgraded 3.0L V6, both powerful but the latter offering a huge boost and up to 340-hp (compared to 252-hp on the base model).

The Audi A6 is known for its extra cabin space and longer wheelbase compared to the A4, not to mention its athletic handling, stylish executive looks, and impressive set of interior features. It may be a used car but it still has Audi’s much-lauded MMI infotainment system, elegant user interface including rotary knob for driver modes, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and much more.

Cadillac XTS

There’s a reason people still use the expression “The Cadillac of …” and that’s because the Cadillac still stands for the top-end of American luxury, strength, and style. The XTS is the flagship luxury sedan that combines power, utility, and value all in one, especially when you buy one that is pre-owned. These Cadillacs ride on 19 or 20-inch wheels and come complete with a standard 304-hp V6 engine. If you get one of the top V-Sport trims, then you can even get the 410-hp V6 engine option, too.

On the road, these engines provide effortless power in all situations, and with adaptive suspension fitted on pre-owned as well as new models, you can enjoy a very smooth ride indeed. On the inside, these cars are big and comfortable and have many optional extras like rear-seat audio controls, ambient lighting, heated and ventilated massaging front seats with 22-way power adjustment, an 18-cubic-feet trunk and much more.

Learn More at Shabana Motors

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